Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tony A

Side A:
J.J. Fad (Live), Robo Cop, Numbers, Wildthing, Make It Boom, Do Wa Ditty, Sally That Girl, Techi Color, Super Sonic, Clear, Egypt Egypt, Jive Rhythm Tray, Don't Bite It, It's Time, Wack It, We Want Some Pussy, Give It All You Got, Young Ladies, Break Down, Drop That Bass, Get It Girl, Throw That D, Move Something, Tone Loc (Live), What People Do, The Roach Is On The Wall, Survival, Girls, Techno Bass, ABC's, Planet Rock, Shake It, In The Mix, Your Chance To Rock, Rock The World, Going Back To Cali

Side B:
Easy E (Live), Gangsta Gangsta, Ain't No Half Steppin', Wrath Of Maddness, Colors, Posse On Broadway, Vapors (Remix), Mary Jane, Night Mares, Everlasting Bass, Boat Bitch, It's My Boat, Parents Just Don't Understand, 6 In The Morning, Move The Crowd, Genius Is Back, DJ's, Plug Tunin', I Got It Going, Pay Back, I'm Bad, Ugly People Be Quite, Go See The Doctor, Kacl The Ripper, Somebody Say Ho, Big Beat, Ice Cube (Live), Run DMC (Melody), Big Orum Boaton, Buggin', I'll Take Your Man, Ladi Daddi, Hold It Now, I'm Your Puppet

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