Monday, November 30, 2009

The Greatest Mixtapes V8

To start of the week here is another one in The Greatest Mixtapes series. This time it's Ron G's version of Kid Capri's 52 Beats - Beat Kingdom. I think Kid Capri's 52 Beats was first but don't know for sure (Tapemasta?).
I asked myself many times wich one is better Beat Kingdom or 52 Beats. For me it's a tie i can't pick one above the other. They both cut up some nice classics & hard to find breaks. This tape brings back some nice memories
Enjoy this education lesson and let us know which one you like better.

Download Ron G


Olskool4real said...

Ha!Ha! That's what I was talkin about I can't make a point of which one is which and hell if you throw the Roc Raida joint in there we''re done hgh? I am going to listen to both though and try to come to a conclusion!!

Anonymous said...

kid capri the man the legend whooo 52 beats was tough and ronnnnn g! the dj icon for the 90's beat kingdom was hard it's tough to make a decision because 52 beats is more of a soulful compilation of beats,and beat kingdom is a compilation of big beats and drums.. feel me!! so it depends on which one your heavy on,but in my opinion no one wins cause how do you choose between legendary dj's.let's save that for these up and comers battling it for dj clue ,ron g, kid capri,brucie b,double r,and doo wop they are drama is on his way dj kay slay is garbage!!!!!no skills!!

Anonymous said...

To me i feel their all DJ's with such dif style's.Roc Raida *rip* was a do-it-all turntablist and DMC competition winner.Where the great Ron an originator of blendtapes....been doin' it lovely since he rocked Janet's Pleasure Principle over Master Rob & Diamond D's (Ultimate Force's)....“I'm not Playing” before any of the 52 Break Beats joints.Kid Capri imho is the most well-rounded DJ ever.It was his originality that spawned the idea.His creativity.He is also a Triple Threat DJ/emcee/and one of most underrated producers ever.So after listening to the 3....I have to go with Kid Capri.Their all briliant.Also i've never heard Kid Capri's digitaly.Could you please offer it in a zip file.I unfortunately don't have winrar.Don't know if even want.The reason i love this site amongst the i'm “an ageing bboy”.....and your site doesn't make me feel like the Computer Fred Flinstone i am....thanks for all your time and hardwork.BLESS.

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