Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kid Capri

01. Keni Burke - Keep Risin To The Top
02. Gap Band - Outstanding
03. Dennis Edwards - Don't Look Any Further
04. Taan Gardner - Heart Beat
05. Take Six - Spead Love
06. Mtume - Native Son
07. The Slyers - Misdemeanor
08. Love - Computer
09. Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On
10. Barry White - Playing Your Game Baby
11. Isley Brothers - Ill Between The Sheets
12. Debarge - I Like It
13. Debra Laws - Very Special
14. Instrumental - Gotta Get You Home
15. Michael Jackson - He Cries
16. Staple Singer's - I'll Take You There
17. King Floyd - Groove Me
18. James Brown - Talkin' Loud (Sayin' Nothin')
19. Guy - Teddy's Jam
20. Today - Him Or Me
21. Today - I Got My Eyes On You
22. Guy - I Like
23. Shell Thunder - Kuff

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Gilbert said...


Tapemasta said...

SOUL, you was reading my mind & since you drop this..I got to go a step further..i'm going to put up Kid Capri party on my blog..Man, this stuff is really fun..Let's go !!

bigp said...

damn thanks a lot for this

In said...

Appreciate the effort of posting this...but this damn mixtape reminds me WHY I don't listen to Kid Capri mixtapes...SHUT THE HELL UP AND LET THE DAMN CUTZ PLAY! Damn. LOL

DJ Mista Reese said...

thanks for this classic

Dubplate7 said...
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Dubplate7 said...

Son, I've been looking for these Kid Capri Old School tapes. Good looking out on posting these and the rest of this goldmine on here. One Love

Jay nickelz said...

Any chance u can upload this joint..

Jay nickelz said...

Any chance u can upload this joint..

Also check out this:

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