Sunday, March 1, 2009

Doo Wop

01. Freestyle
02. Freestyle
03. Freestyle
04. Freestyle
05. Freestyle
06. Freestyle
07. Freestyle
08. Freestyle
09. Freestyle
10. Lobster & Shrimp
11. The Goodness
12. White Lines
13. Ha! (Remix)
14. Freestyle
15. Thug Story
16. The Busta Bus
17. Money, Cash, Hoe's (Remix)
18. Get It Live
19. Dr. Knockboots
20. Superman Luva
21. Sacrafice
22. Mighty Healthy
23. Dedication To Pac & Stretch

Download Doo Wop


Anonymous said...

good looks

Unknown said...

AHHH, i remember this one...

djpos2?! said...

what year was this '98? I been trying to go back and get stuff I was not checking for to see what I was missing.

this should help.



djpos2?! said...

lol. yeah, this was the tape right here. I remember being at the hiphop expo here in columbus, checking out this cats table that had alot of mixtapes for sale. picking up this doo wop and seeing the ha! rmx. i was like wtf? I aint buying this shit.


Chuck said...

yo this tape is dope, maybe you could help me out, that Sacrifice track by black rob is all fucked up, it features ja rule, nature & more...where can I get this track its impossible to find...

if anyone knows holla at me for real, peace

Chuck said...

lol yo this tape is all fucked up, a lot of songs seem slowed down, nas is like, magic n bird etc.. shits funny, we need a new rip

Also check out this:

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