Friday, August 31, 2007

Request: Dres

01. Grand Groove
02. As I Look Back
03. Nycn
04. Damn Right
05. Hi And Lo
06. Confessions
07. True Kings
08. Sky's The Limit feat. The Legion
09. You're So Vain feat. Horace Brown
10. Yea
11. Everyway Always
12. Night Time
13. The Bonus
14. Crazy World
15. Straight Paper
16. Sugar N Spice
17. Strivin
18. Outro

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King Tee Pt. 3

01. At Your Own Risk (Old English Mix)
02. At Your Own Risk (Budha Mix)
03. At Your Own Risk (LP Version)
04. At Your Own Risk (No Risk Mix)
05. At Your Own Risk (5 AM Mix)

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King Tee Pt. 2

01. Introduction
02. At Your Own Risk
03. Ruff Rhyme (Back Again)
04. On The Dance Tip
05. Jay Fay Dray
06. Skanless
07. Take You Home
08. Diss You
09. Time To Get Out
10. Can This Be Real (Remix)
11. E Get Swift
12. Do Your Thing
13. King Tee Production
14. Played Like A Piano

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

King Tee

01. Act A Fool
02. Ko Rocks Stuff
03. The Coolest
04. Flirt
05. Baggin' On Moms
06. Bass (Remix)
07. Let's Dance
08. Guitar Playin'
09. Payback's A Mutha
10. Just Clowning
11. I Got A Cold

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Invisibl Skratch Piklz Pt. 5

01. Hip Hop Slam Intro (DJ Killahoe & DJ Cue)
02. Shiggar Fraggar
03. Word Cut Skratch
04. Insect Mind Numb
05. Ah One, Two, Three, Cut
06. Ah Come on
07. So Retarded
08. Gimme My Goddamn Money
09. Damn
10. The Real Hip Hop Shit
11. Damn You Skratchy
12. All the Way from Frisco
13. Makin Me Itch
14. Battle for the Mind (Mike)
15. Hardcore Man from the Underland (Mike)
16. West Coast Rock Steady Groove (Q-Bert, Disk, Shortkut)
17. Makin Me Bioootch (DJ Killahoe)

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Invisibl Skratch Piklz Pt. 4

01. Hip Hop Slam Intro (Billy Jam & Shiggar Fraggar)
02. Kan't Skratch
03. King Tut Toad Kut
04. Woo Hah! Come on Hit. Yeah
05. Whaddyawant?
06. Fight Wars
07. Wrist Wreckin' Skratch
08. Flare Fresh Flare
09. Very Good Feat. Disk
10. Tone Mind Zone
11. Disk Disses
12. Q-Bert Kut
13. Hey Bro (Subliminal Message)
14. Five Turntables, Four Dj's
15. Play it Funky
16. Come in Doctor Benson
17. Get Stoopid Y'all
18. Hold it
19. Shiggrafraggatallica
20. King of Rock Feat. Eddie Def

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Invisibl Skratch Piklz Pt. 3

01. Hip Hop Slam into
02. Shiggar Fraggar Intro
03. Wild Style Boogers
04. Don't Give A Fuck Style
05. Sitting Bull and the Bear
06. Dj'ing in the Dark
07. Dedicated to Scratching
08. Frisco Bay Graffiti Love (Here We Go)
09. Mic Beat Kut
10. Emcee UB
11. At The Circus With Mommie
12. Saturday Night Skratch
13. Leeches All Over My Body (Billy Jam)
14. 8-Ball Kut
15. UB40
16. Your Moms Cooking
17. How A DJ Sound
18. UB's Karoake Skratch Lounge
19. Good Times
20. Richard Simmon's DJ Workout
21. Hip Hop Hoe Down
22. Hillbilly Jim's PE Workout
23. Invisibl Rockit Steady Krew
24. Outro

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Invisibl Skratch Piklz Pt. 2

01. ..and We're Back
03. Plastic Man Skratch
04. the Official Adventures of the Toad Man (the Bay Bridge is Over)
05. 1-800-CLOWN
06. Hit Me with Your Clown Kit
07. Funky Phone
08. Cocaine
10. Sponsored by...
11. Shiggeralert
13. Flash is Bad, Flash is Good
14. It's Time... to Practice
15. Listen to the BASS
16. Jungle
17. I Dream of Jacko
18. MC Billie Jean
19. the End
20. Q-Bert Rocks the Bells (Bonus from Vol 3)

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Invisibl Skratch Piklz

01. Intro
02. Whoever You Are
03. Beware of the Frozen Toad
04. DJ Polar Bear Vs. Shiggar Fraggar
05. Planet Cow & the Soulsonic Rodeo
06. Six Shots: that Means the Gun's Empty (K-Trash Mix)
07. DJ Change Money
08. Don't Mean to Boast (Ol' Skool Skratch)
09. Raising Snails for A Living
10. Kut Up Musik Best (Doin' the Michael Jackson)
11. Toad Man Vs. Corn Man in 'count Your Vegetables
12. Invasion of the Octopus People (Drunken Puss Mix)
13. Rock Steady Graffiti Mini-Skirt
14. Computer Pickles on KKUT
15. DJ Sly T
16. Boxer Shorts Signed by the Village People
17. Hello Caller
18. Amadi's Mediocre Freestyle
19. Shortkut to Disk
20. KKUT 93.7FM, 104.1FM
22. Break it Down Like Dis
23. A Book of Acid... F-F-F-Fres-S-S

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fat Joe Pt. 2

01. Bronx Tale feat. Krs-One
02. Success
03. Envy
04. Gangbanging Interlude
05. Fat Joe's In Town feat. Doo Wop
06. Part Deux
07. King NY
08. The Shit Is Real (DJ Premier Remix)
09. Fat Joe's Way
10. Respect Mine feat. Raekwon
11. Watch Out feat. Armageddon, Big Pun & Keith Nut
12. Say Word
13. Success (DJ Premier Remix)
14. Dedication
15. Bronx Keeps Creatins It

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Fat Joe

01. A Word to Da Wise
02. Livin' Fat
03. My Man Ski
04. Bad Bad Man
05. Watch The Sound feat. Grand Puba & Diamond
06. Flow Joe
07. Da Fat Gangsta
08. Shorty Gotta Fat Ass
09. This Shit Is Real
10. You Must Be Out Of Your Fuckin' Mind feat. Apache & Kool G Rap
11. I Got This In A Smash
12. Another Wild Nigger From the Bronx feat. Gismo, Kieth Kieth & King Sun
13. Get On Up
14. I'm A Hit That

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Brand Nubian

01. Intro
02. Seen Enough
03. Girls, Girls, Girls
04. One Time (Original Version)
05. Scientists Of Sound
06. Time's Runnin' Out (Original Version)
07. Brand Nu Hustle
08. Once Again
09. Rockin' It
10. I Wanna Hear It
11. A Child Is Born (Original Version)
12. Right Here
13. Enjoy Yourself
14. Go Hard
15. Somebody Told A Lie

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Special Teamz

Boston, MA-----Duck Down Records announces the eagerly-anticipated debut, Stereotypez, from Special Teamz.

While the Duck Down name, its history and artists are widely renowned and branded throughout the Hip-Hop landscape, the label is branching out to begin to distribute and promote artists from those outside the typical Boot Camp Clik artist structure and this change signifies a major transition in the label, as it becomes a home to develop and market artists of all flavors. The first such project of this transition will be Special Teamz (EDO. G’s collective group, which also consists of Slaine, Jaysaun, and DJ Jayceeoh) debut Stereotypez; which will be released on 9-25-07.

Genuinely considered the Godfather of Boston Hip-hop, EDO. G has crafted a handful of classics (“Be A Father To Your Child,” “I Got To Have It” and “Love Comes And Goes” among others) and in 1991 his "I Gotta Have it" hit number one on Billboard and the YO! MTV Raps countdown. His debut, Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto, sold over 600,000 units on the strength of Edo's flawless portraits of inequalities in Roxbury, and became his city's first and only rap artist to ever go gold. In the 15 years since, EDO’s dropped four heralded LPs and two EPs, toured the world extensively, and collaborated with the likes of Pete Rock, DJ Premier, KRS One, Common, Black Thought and Masta Ace.

Formerly the front-man for The Kreators, Jaysaun sold 10,000 copies of the Boston classic, Home, (featuring Guru, Big Shug, Akrobatik, Krumbsnatcha, and EDO. G), and was nominated for three Boston Music Awards, and even garnered significant MTV rotation. One of Boston's most respected wordsmiths, Jay has worked with Pete Rock, Cappadonna, and DJ Premier and has been an instrumental component in EDO’s recent solo releases.

The Southie gunner Slaine has become an overnight force! He dropped his infamous mixtape; The White Man is the Devil Volume 1 in 2005 and moved more than 7,000 units without any distribution. Recently he followed that up with its sequel Citizen Caine. Slaine's controversial tales of cocaine abuse, pharmacy robberies, violence, politics, racism, combined with his brutal imagery, have earned him the respect of collaborators such as Royce 5'9", Krumbsnatcha, Hatebreed, DJ Premier, DJ Muggs, B Real, Everlast, DJ Lethal and Ill Bill, the latter three of whom he moonlights with as La Coka Nostra.

For Special Teamz first collaborative effort, Stereotypez, the stakes are much higher. Boasting guest appearances from Devin The Dude, Sean Price, Buckshot, Ill Bill, Akrobatik and Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta as well as production from legendary producers DJ Premier and Pete Rock and rising beatmakers Marco Polo, Moss, Jake One and Xplicit. Special Teamz's Duck Down debut proves what their fanbase already knows: that no matter what preconceived notions people have about their city, Boston's top guns deliver some of the most socio-politically relevant boom-bap in recent memory. And while their rhymes are the sound of race lines being crossed and barriers being broken, it's really just the sound of rewind-worthy Hip-hop music, and that's all that really matters.

Tracklisting and credits for Special Teamz Stereotypez:

1.) Get Down (produced by Young Cee)
2.) Three Kingz (produced by Young Cee)
3.) Stereotypez (produced by Ill Bill)
4.) Boston To Bucktown f/Sean Price & Buckshot (produced by Pete Rock)
5.) Classical (produced by DJ Shocca)
6.) Main Event (produced by DJ Premier)
7.) Long Time Comin f/Devin The Dude (produced by Xplicit)
8.) Home 2 f/Akrobatik, Dre Robinson, JY, Twice Thou & Frankie Robinson (produced by Young Cee)
9.) Clap Your Handz (produced by Young Cee)
10.) Story Of My Life f/JY (produced by Yomo)
11.) Fallen Angels f/D Guest (produced by Jake One)
12.) One Call (produced by Marco Polo)
13.) Fight Club (produced by Moss)
14.) Dirty Money f/Ill Bill (produced by Young Cee)
15.) Pushaman (Produced by D Boyz)
16.) Race Riot (produced by Good Will)
17.) Gun In My Hand f/Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed (produced by Jamey Jasta & Matty Trump)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Strong Arm Steady

01. Intro feat. Jack Nicholson And The Game
02. The Movement feat. Planet Asia
03. U ain't Me feat. Chamillionaire, Rass Kass & Xzibit
04. Bloody Money feat. PNB & Jelly Roll
05. Co-Operation feat. Dialted Peoples
06. Clean Up feat. Saukrates & Black Thought
07. One Step feat. Talib Kweli
08. I Can't Wait feat. Tha Liks & Stylistic Jones
09. King In The Deck feat. Planet Asia
10. Come And Get Me feat. Ina Williams
11. My Homies feat. Blaqtoven
12. Streetlights feat. Talib Kweli
13. On The Grind
14. Wreckless Words
15. Dirty Dirty feat. Juvenile

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CL Smooth

01. Intro...All We Ever Know
02. I Need A Boss (Remix)
03. No Justice
04. Impossible (J. Period Remix)
05. I Gotta Love (Live! In Holland)
06. Down With The Kings (Live! In Holland)
07. Warm Outside (Drawzilla Remix)
08. Gorilla Pimpin'
09. Is It Really You?
10. The Outsider
11. Get Back
12. Straighten It Out (Live! In Holland)
13. Love Is A Battlefield
14. War Of The Roses (feat. Butter Verses)
15. Smoke In The Air (Live! In Holland)
16. Who You Gonna Trust?
17. Mezmorized (feat. J.R. Writer & Scales) (B Rock Remix)
18. Heaven Only Know (John Legend Remix)
19. American Gangster (feat. SJ & Young Bred)
20. American Me (Live! In Holland)
21. T.R.O.Y. (Live! In Holland)
22. DJ Shakim (Outro)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Go-Ray Productions

Go-Ray Productions is from dearborn heights, MI. He started making beats to assist his brother "ben 2k7" in a cartoon, he needed music to go to animations. I got the hang of it, and started making beats in mind for MC's to rip the mic to. J.dilla has been the biggest influence on me and if it wasn't for Doom and Madlib, i don't know where i'd be.

Go-Ray Productions - Grayps
01. I Want Freedom
02. Herb
03. Existence
04. Theres Just One Instant
05. Human Potential
06. Words Are Symbols
07. You're The Kind Of Girl
08. You Got Talent
09. Serise Of Cycles
10. Vertigo
11. Rainy Night
12. Whoa
13. Suicide
14. Flatline
15. Sound Around Me
16. Psychotic Torture
17. By Any Means Necessary
18. Beat Down
19. Billiard Room
20. Is This A Dream

Check out his blog for the download link.

DJ Krisch

Here's a 45 minute mix from DJ Krisch he did a few years ago. Let him know what you think about it.

01. Rakim – It’s Been A Long Time
02. Eric B. & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul
03. EPMD – It’s My Thing
04. Erick Sermon – Music
05. T La Rock – It’s Yours
06. Nas – The World Is Yours
07. Slick Rick – Hey Young World
08. O.C. – Time’s Up
09. MF Grimm – Emotions feat. B-1
10. Non-Phixion – Refuse To Lose
11. Common Sense – Book Of Life
12. Royal Flush – Shine
13. Mobb Deep – Give Up The Goods (Just Step) feat. Big Noyd
14. Gang Starr – Just To Get A Rep
15. Jean Jacques Perry – E.V.A.
16. Paris – The Days Of Old
17. Kurious – I’m Kurious

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Monday, August 20, 2007

OC Part 7

01. Ozone (Original Unreleased Version)
02. Snakes
03. Word...Life (Remix)
04. Stronjay (Original Unreleased Version)
05. Crooklyn feat. Chubb Rock & Jeru The Damaja
06. You Won't Go Far feat. Organized Konfusion
07. Day One feat. D.I.T.C.
08. Get Yours (Remix) feat. Big L & Diamond
09. King Of N.Y.
10. Bonifide feat. Jay-Z
11. Wordplay feat. Da Ranjahz
12. U-N-I
13. Half Good, Half Sinner
14. Emotions (Remix) feat. Ja Shawn
15. The Inventor
16. Yes Sir feat. Sadat X

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

OC Part 6

01. Intro
02. Smoke And Mirrors
03. You Made Me
04. Martyr
05. My Way
06. Emotions
07. Distortion
08. Going Nowhere
09. Young World
10. Gone
11. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
12. Guns And Butter
13. I'm Da Boss
14. Challenge Ya'll
15. Brothers Keeper
16. What I Need
17. Shorty
18. This Is Me
19. Coldwaxa Speaks

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OC Part 5

01. Intro
02. Evaridae feat. Pharoahe Monch
03. Who Run It?
04. The Professional
05. 1nce Again
06. Ya Don't Stop
07. Story to Tell
08. What Am I Supposed to Do?
09. Getaway
10. Memory Lane
11. Special
12. Who Run It? (RMX)
13. Outro

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

OC Part 4

As requested by Vas. Let me know if you need the second disc (DVD) also.

01. Dr. Know
02. My World
03. Respect Mine feat. Pete Rock
04. Ga Head
05. Watch Ya Step feat. Xperado
06. You Won't Go Far feat. Oragnized Konfusion
07. War Games
08. M.U.G. feat. Freddie Foxxx
09. Metal Thangs feat. Street Smartz & Pharoahe Monch
10. No Gimmicks feat. Lord Finesse
11. O-Zone
12. Word Life
13. Time's Up
14. Let It Slide
15. No Main Topic
16. You And Yours
17. Born To Live (Remix)
18. It's Only Right
19. Internationally Know feat. D.I.T.C.
20. Dangerous feat. Big L
21. Champagne Thoughts
22. Paradise
23. What I Represent
24. The Chosen One
25. Can't Go Wrong
26. Soul To Keep
27. Jewelz
28. Psalm 23

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OC Part 3

OC - Bon Appetit
01. Intro
02. Back To Cali
03. Soul To Keep
04. Dr. Know
05. Bounce Mission
06. Bon Appetit
07. Doin' Dirt
08. Get It Dirty
09. Utmost
10. Respect Tha Drop
11. Weed & Drinks
12. Paradise
13. Psalm 23

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Friday, August 17, 2007

OC Part 2

01. Intro
02. My World
03. War Games feat. Organized Konfusion
04. Can't Go Wrong
05. The Chosen One
06. Dangerous feat. Big L
07. Win the G feat. Bumpy Knuckles
08. Far From Yours feat. Yvette Michele
09. Stronjay
10. M.U.G. feat. Freddie Foxxx
11. The Crow
12. You and Yours
13. Hypocrite
14. It's Only Right
15. Jewelz
16. Can't Go Wrong (Remix) feat. Changing Faces
17. Dangerously Making Money feat. Lord Tariq, Pete Gunz And Fatman Scoop
18. Burn Me Slow

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Thursday, August 16, 2007


01. Creative Control
02. Word...Life
03. O-Zone
04. Born 2 Live
05. Time's Up
06. Point Of Viewz
07. Constables
08. Ga Head
09. No Main Topic
10. Let It Slide
11. Ma Dukes
12. Story
13. Outtro (Sabatoge)
14. Born 2 Live (Remix)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

J. Period, JS-1 & DV-One

1. Crazy Legs Intro - Shaft In Africa
2. J.Period Intro
3. Scorpio
4. Theme From S.W.A.T. - Zulu War Chant
5. Heaven & Hell (Interlude)
6. Rapper’s Delight
7. Funky Music Is The Thing
8. Think
9. Space Dust (Interlude)
10. It Takes Two
11. Apache
12. Set It Off
13. Know The Ledge
14. Treat Em Right
15. The Creator
16. You Must Learn (J.Period Breaks Remix)
17. Breaker’s Revenge
18. Looking For The Perfect Beat
19. Planet Rock
20. Cavern - White Lines
21. Favorite Break (Interlude)
22. Mambo #5
23. Funky Nassau
24. Rock Creek Park
25. Js-1 Intro
26. Js Scratch Intro - Love N Affection
27. Shifting Gears
28. Son Of Scorpio - Stone Fox Chase
29. Theme From Planets - Pick Up The Pieces
30. Action
31. Catch A Groove
32. Satin Soul
33. I Like Funky Music
34. It's My Thing
35. Last Night Changed It All
36. Let's Get Small - Get Up & Dance
37. Mardi Gras
38. Miss B’way
39. I'm Gonna Get You
40. Greedy G
41. Back In Love Again
42. Daisy Lady
43. Theme From 2001
44. The Champ - Warm It Up Kane
45. Walk This Way - Art Of Noise
46. Another One Bites The Dust - Boogie Down Bx
47. Shack Up
48. Jam On The Groove
49. Hot Pants
50. I Know You Got Soul
51. Street Talk - Bad Boys - Black Grass
52. Groove To Get Down
53. I Can't Stop - Tramp
54. Planetary Citizen
55. Joyous
56. Lovermaniacs(Sex) - Axel Foley Theme
57. Soul Makossa - Din Da Da
58. Runaway
59. Let's Dance - You And Love Are The Same
60. Once In A Lifetime
61. Gotta Get Out Of Here
62. Favorite Break #2 (Interlude)
63. It's Just Begun 63. Keeping Rock Steady Alive (Interlude)
64. Dv-One Intro
65. Rock Steady (Remix)
66. Bustin Loose
67. In E Gada Da Vida
68. Aquarius
69. Vitamin C
70. Blow Your Head
72. Clear
73-80. [ Bonus Mix] Dv-One James Brown Tribute Mix
81. Crazy Legs Outtro (Featuring Mayda Del Valle)

Download J. Period, JS-1 & DV-One

DJ Lazy K

01. DJ Lazy K - Intro
02. Biz Markie - Make The Music With Your Mouth Biz
03. It Hipe - Entouch (Back In The Day Mix)
04. EPMD - You Are A Customer
05. Public Enemy - Beat
06. Cool J - Rap Street Blues
07. Redman - You And You
08. MC Lyte - Paper Thin
09. DJ Lazy K - Intro
10. Stetsasonic - Go Stetsa
11. EPMD - So What Ya Sayin
12. Doug E Fresh - The Show
13. Run DMC - Domb Did It Dunm
14. Public Enemy - Public Enemy
15. Roxanne - The Real Roxanne
16. The 45 King - The 900 Number
17. Biz Markie - Intro
18. Biz Markie - Vapors
19. Break Beats - Break Beats
20. Big Daddy Kane - Aint No Half Steppin
21. Big Daddy Kane - Review
22. On The Bigged Tip - On The Bigged Tip
23. Jungle Brothers - Straight Out The Jungle
24. JB's - Jimmy's Bonus Beats
25. Jungle Brothers - JBeez Comin Through
26. De La Soul - Buddy
27. Old School Break Beats
28. Public Enemy - Intro
29. Public Enemy - Public Enemy # One
30. K-Solo - Solo Please Stand
31. EPMD - Rampage
32. EPMD - You Got's To Chill
33. Marly Marl - The Syphony
34. Eric B And Rakim - Move The Crowd
35. Eric B And Rakim - Eric B Is President
36. Eric B And Rakim - Paid In Full
37. Eric B And Rakim - Aint No Joke
38. EPMD - Jane
39. Just Ice - Going Way Back
40. KRS One - Review
41. KRS One - Criminal Minded
42. KRS One - Stop The Violence
43. The Bidol - The Bidol
44. MC Lyte - Cha Cha Cha
45. MC Lyte - Review
46. Stetasonic - Stetasonic Break

Download DJ Lazy K

Saturday, August 11, 2007


01. Follow The Leader
02. I Got Soul
03. Know The Ledge
04. Microphone Fiend
05. Let The Rhythm Hit Em
06. Dont Sweat The Technique
07. No Competition
08. Check Out My Melody
09. The Ghetto
10. New York
11. Know Whats On Your Mind
12. Mahogany
13. Guess Whos Back
14. The Punisher
15. Lyrics of Fury
16. Run Freestyle
17. I Aint No Joke
18. The Saga Begins
19. Its A Must feat. Rahzel
20. R.A.K.I.M.
21. Eric B. For President
22. Move The Crowd
23. Musical Massacre
24. Who Is

Download Rakim

Dilated Peoples

01. Spit It Clearly feat. The Alchemist (Album)
02. Spit It Clearly feat. The Alchemist (Instrumental)
03. The Release Party (Album)
04. The Release Party (Clean)
05. The Release Party (Instrumental)

Download Dilated Peoples

Friday, August 10, 2007


Ya`ll remember the SNOWGOONS "JOINING FORCES" mixtape which came out earlier this year? In august 2007 AP-ROCK hits you with another JOINING FORCES mixtape introducing THE HITFARMERS production team.

Since Hip Hop and its cornerstone elements of breakdancing, graffiti, MCing and DJing took root and quickly became renowned the world over, Munich Germany based production team THE HITFARMERS, have been a mainstay in the international Hip Hop scene. THE HITFARMERS have since recorded tracks with legendary Hip Hop acts including KRS-ONE, FREDDIE FOXX, PLANET ASIA, AFU-RA, GRAND AGENT, EL DA SENSEI, ROGER REKLESS, J-SPLIFF, ARMY OF THE PHARAOHS... just to name a few. Having earned a well-deserved reputation as one of today's most accomplished and versatile beatmakers THE HITFARMERS seeded their beats all over the globe. Now it`s time to bring in THE HARVEST.

AP-ROCK teamed up with THE HITFARMERS to release a JOINING FORCES mixtape featuring exclusive joints straight out the lab mixed up with underground bangers by the Snowgoons (feat. Jus Allah & Rip Shop), Slaine of La Coka Nostra, Realson, Boot Camp Clik, Lords Of The Underground, Falgas, Underclassmen (feat. RA The Rugged Man), FiggKidd, Rakaa of the Dilated Peoples, Static & Nat Ill... and many more. No gimmicks, no bling bling, nothing but the real shit - worldwide, baby!


01. Hitfarmers Intro
02. J-Spliff - The Harvest (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
03. Army Of The Pharaohs - Grown Men (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
04. Snowgoons feat. Jus Allah & Ripshop - Riddle of the Sphinx (Exclusive Edit)
05. Mental Infinite - This Is Life (Prod. By Hitfarmers & RocSolid)
06. Underclassmen feat. RA The Rugged Man - Hold Fort
07. Critical Madness - Hail To The Fetus (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
08. Rakaa Of Dilated Peoples - Rent
10. Mad Mic - Wer ist gemeint? (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
11. Boot Camp Clik - BK All Day
12. Ciph Barker - Harvest Exclusive (Prod. By Hitfarmers & RocSolid)
13. Face, G-Flow, Crank P - Gsicht (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
14. Westa MC & Gob Dylan - Ying & Yang
15. Slaine Of La Coka Nostra - Bad Man
16. Little Vic - Get with it (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
17. Sir Smo - I Love My Hood (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
18. Streetmuzik - Ma Hood (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
19. Abroo feat. Mirk - ABC (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
20. Roger Rekless - Ich Erzähl Von Mir (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
21. Dashan & Falgas - I Don't Give A Fuck
22. Tribeca - Harvest Exclusive (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
23. Lords Of The Underground - The Clinic
24. Westa MC - Boom (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
25. Mr. Malchau - Harvest Exclusive (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
26. Don Cerino feat. Dminor - I Love Hip Hop (Prod. By Realson)
27. Substance - 32 Bars Part II (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
28. Bushbayer - Dreckiger Style (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
29. L.S.D. - Competent (Le Scratchfunk Remix)

Download links:
Mix in 1 file
Splitted tracks
Splitted Tracks on part 1
Splitted Tracks on part 2

Sunday, August 5, 2007


I'll be on vacation till August 12 there will be no posts during this time.
Before i go i have 2 nice mixes by my man D-Styles 4 your listing pleasure.

D-Styles & Ned Hoddings - Bastard Language Tour
D-Styles - Pharaohs Of Funk


01. D-Styles - Intro
02. Camden Crew - Summer Kicks
03. Just Ice - Latoya
04. Just Ice - Little Bad Johnny
05. Seville - Back for the Payback
06. Too Short - Freaky Tales
07. Hugh E MC - H-Niggas Groove
08. 2live Crew - Ghetto Bass
09. Jvc Force - Force is the Boss
10. Fresh Gordon - Beat of the Street
11. Big Daddy Kane - Put Your Weight on
12. Too Short - in the Trunk
13. Gucci Crew - Dating Game
14. Scorpio - Black Spades
15. Ice T - Six in the Morning
16. UTFO - My Cut is Correct
17. Dujeous - Cinematics
18. Z3mc's - Triple Threat
19. Tds Mob - Scratch Reaction
20. Atc - this Beat is Deaf
21. Steady B - Funky Drummer
22. School of Hard Knocks - Ghetto Love
23. Jewel T - I Like it Loud
24. Knights of the Turntable - Techno Scratch
25. Cash Money & Marvelous - New Sheriff in Town
26. Depth Charge - Daughters of Darkness
27. Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - Rock the House
28. B-Girls - You Can't Break B-Boys
29. D-Styles & Ricci Rucker - Can You Tell
30. D-Styles Versus Mr. Henshaw - No Warning
31. D-Styles Versus Mr. Henshaw - Untitled
32. Noisy Stylus Crew (Aah Solo by Tobeyer) - Mr. Arroga
33. Mike B & Dq (Animal Crackers) - Felonious Funk Remix
34. D-Styles - Straight Outta Frisco

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

DJ Clue

01. Redman - Smoke A Blunt Too
02. Blackmoon - Murder MC's
03. Method Man - Tical
04. Brand Nubian - Word Is Bond
05. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - I'll Take You There
06. Nas - Life's A Bitch (Remix)
07. Redman - Rockerfella
08. 2Pac, Heavy D, Giggie & Puba - Let's Get It On
09. Common Sense - I Use To Love Her
10. Redman - A Million And One Buddah Spots
11. Heavy D - I Got Love For Ya (Remix)
12. Mary J Blige - Happy
13. Jeru Da Damaja - You Can't Stop The Prophet
14. Da brat & Biggie Smalls - The B Side
15. The Genius - I Gotcha Back
16. Method Man - Bring The Pain
17. PMD - Shade Business
18. Method Man - All I Need
19. Method Man - Subcrazy
20. Sourface - Era Of The Sourface
21. Bas Blasta - Dangerous
22. OC - Constables
23. Wu Tang Clan - Can It Be (Remix)
24. Gravediggaz - Nowhere To Run
25. Biggie Smalls - Juicy (Remix)

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Friday, August 3, 2007

Smut Peddlers

01. Beetlejuice Intro
02. Smut Council
03. Medicated Minutes
04. Talk Like Sex Part II Feat. Kool G Rap
05. Amazing Feats
06. Pimpology by Beetlejuice
07. That Smut
08. Anti Hero's Feat. Copywrite
09. 54
10. Josie
11. Beats, Boxes, and Boobtube
12. Diseases
13. One by One (Revamped)
14. Stank Mc's feat. Kool Keith
15. My Rhyme Ain't Done
16. Untitled Skit
17. Bottom Feeders feat. R.A. the Rugged Man
18. Beetlejuice Outakes
19. Red Light
20. Anti-Heroes (Remix)
21. For the Record
22. First Name Smut

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kurious Jorge

Amalgam Entertainment To Re-Release Kurious Jorge’s Slept-On Classic Debut, A Constipated Monkey, As Prelude To Kurious’ Sophomore LP

Boston, MA---Known for bringing favored acts like The Juggaknots and Smiley Da Ghetto Child out of obscurity and back into the public eye, Amalgam Digital strikes once again, this time signing Kurious Jorge to the label. On Sept 18th 2007 Amalgam will be re-releasing “A Constipated Monkey” as a prelude to his sophomore album which features Mf Doom on production due early 2008. In anticipation of the re-release and his upcoming sophomore LP Kurious asserts “I’m real glad to be doing these projects with Amalgam Digital. This shits’ gonna be another fun record. That’s my word.”

Banking on the underground success of his singles "Walk Like a Duck" and "Uptown Shit," Kurious Jorge (the rapper not the monkey from children's books) released his debut album in early 1994. The album's subtle mix of underground vigor and flavorful party anthems pleased many of hip-hop's discerning aficionados. A guest list that included The Hieroglyphics' Casual and DJ Lord Sear on the mic and a back-from-the-dead Bosco Money from Downtown Science, The Beatnuts and Pete Nice and Daddy Rich on production gave the album a session feel. The album's wide range of samples, from The Black Byrds to Fifth Dimension, made for a quirky overall musical effect. Kurious does well to play up the strength of his honest style, a concise and careful delivery without sacrificing wit. In the end, the catchy single "I'm Kurious" positions itself as the album’s true watermark, while cuts like "Top Notch" and the B-side "Mansion and a Yacht" featuring Sadat X from Brand Nubian are also bona fide mid-'90s hip-hop jams. Of all the golden era rap records that are known to inspire feelings of nostalgia in today’s jaded listener, it is possible that Kurious’ “A Constipated Monkey” tugs at a b-boy’s heartstrings the hardest as it embodies the naturally positive and joyous attitude that is romantically linked to hip-hop of the past.

In addition, “A Constipated Monkey” Re-Release will feature several hidden bonus tracks (the B-Side classic “Mansion And A Yacht” and “I’m Kurious” Remix) not available on the original pressing.

Kurious Jorge with a J not a G!

Tracklisting for Kurious Jorge’s A Constipated Monkey:

01. Spell It Wit A J (Yes, Yes Jorge)
02. Top Notch
03. I’m Kurious
04. Uptown Shit feat. The Omen & Kadi
05. Leave Ya’ With This
06. Fresh Out The Box
07. Walk Like A Duck
08. Tear Shit Up
09. Baby Bust It feat. MF Grimm
10. Nikole
11. What’s The Real feat. Casual
12. Jorge Of The Projects
13. A Mansion And A Yacht feat. Sadat X (bonus track)
14. I’m Kurious (Remix) (bonus track)

Big L

01. Put It On
02. MVP
03. No Endz, No Skinz
04. 8 Iz Enuff
05. All Black
06. Danger Zone
07. Street Struck
08. Da Graveyard
09. Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous
10. I Don't Understand It
11. Fed Up wit the Bullshit
12. Let 'Em Have It 'L'

Download Big L

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