Monday, December 14, 2009

The Greatest Mixtapes V11

Here are 2 more great mixtapes who for sure need to be labbeled The Greatest Mixtapes. Expect one more from me later this week

When i did this one on the people went crazy..I knew that the "crowd" was missing real r & b mixtapes..So you know how i do on the mixtapes. Then everybody was looking for DJ Camillo joints..We got countless mixes over here & i could drop everyday, but when you got mixes which can be played forever - i know the job is only half done..Henceforth, this mixtape & that's because it can still be played today & probably out do alot of the so-called r & b kings of today !! Believe me, i'm not joking, if you never downloaded this before - do youself a favor & enjoy it for the'll be on total replay on your ipod !! Once again, you can thank me later for it !! Props to everybody who enjoy these mixtapes that we're putting up for you & yours worlwide !!

Download DJ Camilo


Gildog said...
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Gildog said...

Very nice Tape & SOUL. Love Camilo!

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