Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DL & DJ Crossphader

01. Intro
02. Do You Wanna Hear It feat. Nubian Crackers
03. Wrong Side Of The Tracks (Demo Version)
04. C'mon Wit Dat Git Down (Remix) feat. Busta Rhymes
05. Flexi Wit Da Tech(nique)
06. Who Am I
07. Dynamite Soul (Lip Service Remix) feat. Mad Skillz
08. More Facts
09. It's Gettin' Hot (Remix)
10. Return To Da Wrongside
11. Collaboration Of Mics feat. Lord Jamar & Lord Finesse
12. The Ultimate (Showbiz Remix)
13. What What
14. Brick City Kids
15. Haagen Daz
16. Ghetto Star feat. Fatal Hussein
17. Torture Chamber
18. Trife Type Times
19. Raw Dick Shit
20. EC Allstars feat. Copywrite, J-Zone, Cage, Mr. Eon, Mad Skillz & Camu Tao
21. 5 Left In The Clip feat. Cage, Copywrite, Breezly Brewin & Y@k Ballz
22. Tame Az It Ever Wuz
23. Dreamz
24. Outro

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