Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Greatest Mixtapes V5

For me the blendmasters who brought blending to a higher level are Ron G, Dirty Harry & DJ Break. On this tape DJ Break proofs to be a real blendmaster as he shows his skills. This mixtape is a prefect balance of skills, music, mixing & blending all this together gives it great vibe all thru the mix and shouldn't be missed on the list of The Greatest Mixtapes. This mixtape is till today still rocking my iPhone. Enjoy...
01. Intro
02. Nate Dogg/Buckshot
03. Try Again
04. Method Man/Mobb Deep
05. Try Again (Suck My Balls Intro)
06. DMX/Q-Tip - Ryde Or Die Mix
07. Eminem/U-God
08. Nextmen/Busta Rhymes (Cuts By Busta Rhymes)
09. Remix My Black Ass
10. Sisqo/Nas/2Pac
11. Snoop/2Pac Rockwilder Sisqo Mix
12. Girls Move It Around
13. Old Skool Playaz
14. Hold My Ice
15. Dirty, Is They Ready?
16. Raw Whoa Remix
17. Gettin Illa!
18. Big Pun, Cuban Linx, Coco B's
19. Crooklyn Style
20. I Dare You
21. Biggie (Wu-Tang Style) Sum Shit I Did Pt. II
22. Big L
23. Quality Control
24. It's Funny
25. Red And Meth
26. Dare To Experiment
27. Next Epidode Mix
28. Jumpin Jumpin Blaze Cuts Mix
29. Hot Shit Nelly/Total Mix
30. Mya Coolout Mix

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marioka said...

Good tape, but in the blend style, I could to Doggtime or DJ Juice.

Olskool4real said...

Wow this one is interesting and brings up some great points, this is why I said it was so difficult to create a list of tops for mixtapes since there is so damn many and good ones at that!! Ron G and Dirty Harry aren't slouches either!! I never heard of DJ Break until you folks introduced me to him, I'm guiltyof only having heard the major players, didn't have access to any of these. Thanks for your view!!!

S.O.U.L. said...

Aahhh shit how can i forget Doggtime & Juice

Anonymous said...

this is an absolute banger!! never heard this tape before, but will be hearing it over and over from now on! huge props for this :)

Gdannywilson said...

Tape masta, this is Gil in Milwaukee. I lost this years ago. YOU ARE THE MAN. I didn't even knew you knew of Break. Sorry for my insolence, lol

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry but there seems to have no track 29 & 30

Anonymous said...


W00dy79 said...

Anyone after DJ Break mixtapes you can dload them all for free atm on his website. tapes 5 -13 plus others

Also check out this:

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