Monday, November 23, 2009

The Greatest Mixtapes V6


I thought I would start off the week with a brand new pick for the “Greatest Mixtapes” list. This time around I picked the highly successful and popular Champ Is Here mixtape brought to you by DJ Green Lantern and Jadakiss. This is definitely a collectors item, and proved that mixtapes still can be successfully done if done correctly. Most people feel that all the classic mixtapes are from the 90’s, but some DJ’s have put out classic material in the 2000’s.

This mixtape still gets play from me to this day, and I feel it’s some of Jadakiss’s and Green Lantern best work. This is when aritst mixtapes were done correctly, and gave you more than just songs from that artist. You had blends on this mixtape, original production from DJ Green Lantern, and some actual DJ skill as well. I remember the streets buzzing like crazy when this mixtape dropped, and my local mixtape spot sold out of this mixtape in only a couple of hours. I still see some mixtape websites selling this one, so it shows me how popular the mixtape still is.

I hope you have enjoyed the picks Tapemasta, S.O.U.L and I have brought you so far on the “Greatest Mixtapes” list. We will have more picks very soon.


01. Intro
02. Passion of the Kiss
03. The Champ Is Here
04. Games People Play
05. Jadakiss Interlude – The Champ Speaks, pt. 1
06. What You So Mad At Now?
07. Professional Hood Shit
08. Get Money
09. Jadakiss Interlude – The Champ Speaks, pt. 2
10. 40 Bars of Terror
11. The Strongest Shit On The Shelf feat. Alchemist
12. Why? feat. Anthony Hamilton
13. Jadakiss Interlude – The Champ Speaks, pt. 3
14. Calmate (Calm Down)
15. Clear It Out
16. Jadakiss Interlude – The Champ Speaks, pt. 4
17. Time’s Up (’93 Shit)
18. Right Where Stand feat. Prodigy (Green Lantern mix)
19. Jadakiss Interlude – The Champ Speaks, pt. 5
20. My Buddy feat. Sheek Louch
21. Jadakiss Interlude feat. Young Jada
22. Carry The Casket feat. Jae Millz
23. A Trip To The South (Green Lantern mix)
24. Kiss My Ass Outro

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Olskool4real said...

Wow!! This was good don't know if it would make it on a top 10 for me though!! I bought it when it dropped as well and played it a couple times but it's down in the pile!!!

Mixtapes said...

I am agree with you Olskool I have read your idea which is showing my interest to my requirements.


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