Thursday, November 19, 2009

DJ Easy

01. Intro
02. Guess Who's Back (Buckwild Remix)
03. It's The R
04. Real Shit
05. Microphone Fiend (Live In New York)
06. It's Nothing
07. Rakim Speaks On Dr. Dre
08. Holy Are You
09. I Know
10. The 18th Letter
11. Rakim Speaks On His New Label & Album
12. Hip Hop
13. The Militia feat. Gangstarr (Remix)
14. The Saga Begins (DJ Easy Remix)
15. Living For The City
16. Rakim Speaks On New York
17. New York
18. My Melody (Live In New York)
19. It's Been A Long Time (Live In New York)
20. Game Of Death feat. Shaquille O'Neal
21. Show Me Love
22. Def Poetry Acapella
23. Hoodlum (Longer Solo Version)
24. Tryin To Write Rhymes
25. Shades Of Black
26. Cold Feelings
27. Guerilla feat. AZAD
28. R.A.K.I.M.
29. When I Be On The Mic
30. Rakim Speaks On Producers
31. Stay A While
32. Interlude
33. Getting Up Anthem feat. Talib Kweli
34. Rakim Speaks On Maino
35. Walk These Streets feat. Maino
36. Streets Of New York feat. Alicia Keys & Nas (DJ Easy Remix)
37. When I Be Flowin (King Tech Remix)
38. Mahogany (Live In New York)
39. Mystery (Who Is God?)
40. Outro

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