Tuesday, July 8, 2008


01. Strictly Business (Club Mix)
02. So Wat Cha Sayin (Club Mix)
03. Crossover (Trunk Mix)
04. I'm Mad (DJ Scratch Remix)
05. You Gots To Chill (Club Mix)
06. Give The People (Erick And Parrish Remix)
07. Rampage feat. LL Cool J (Hardcore To The Head Mix)
08. Gold Digger (E & P Remix)
09. Head Banger feat. Redman & K-Solo (Remix Radio Edit)
10. Give The People (Jeep Mix)
11. Rampage (Remix Extended)
12. Never Seen Before (Remix)
13. I'm Housin (UK Mix)
14. Get Off The Bandwagon (Remix)
15. I'm Mad (Redman Remix)
16. The Big Payback (Club Remix)
17. Crossover (Remix)

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1 comment:

Chris Ward said...

Thanks a lot for this EPMD collection. It fills some holes in my 12s, and some I never even knew existed.
Chris Ward

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