Monday, June 23, 2008

Tony Touch

01. Howard Stern- Radio Excerpt
02. Intro: Take That
03. Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph
04. Cella Dwellaz - The Aim
05. D.I.T.C. - Day One
06. OC - My World
07. Boot Camp Clik - Okee Dokee
08. Heather B - Cloud Nine
09. Craig Mack - I Got Style
10. Jay-Z - Who Ya Wit
11. DJ Riz - The Franklins
12. Lost Boyz feat. Canibus, Redman & A-Plus - Beasts From The East
13. Big Pun - You Ain't A Killer
14. DJ Muggs feat. RZA & GZA - Third World
15. Cappadonna - 97 Mentality
16. Rampage - Flipmode Enemy
17. Notorious B.I.G. - Interlude
18. Tragedy & Iman Thug - Illuminati
19. Teflon feat. M.O.P. - The Rawness
20. Tracy Lee feat. Notorious B.I.G. - Throw Your Hands Up High
21. Group Home - Express
22. Saukrates - Peas & Quos
23. Afu-Ra feat. Sadat X - 50 Thousand Heads
24. Maestro Many - Gravy
25. GP Wu - Black On Black Crime
26. Boot Camp Clik - Sounz Ill
27. Sauce Money - Action
28. IAM feat. Sunz Of Man, Timbo King & Dreddy Krueger - La Saga
29. Tragedy & Iman Thug - I'm A Thug
30. Artifacts - Where Your Skillz At
31. Hurricane G - Ahh-Ahh No No
32. DJ Muggs feat. Krs-One - Move Ahead
33. MC Eight - Heavyweights
34. Black Thought feat. Problems - Verbal Attack

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Olskool4real said...

I think I have this tracklist I will try to get it out!!!

JAMMQ said...

I actually have this on tape from back in the day. Here's the tracklist:

Tony Touch Tape#54- Keep Feedin' Ya
Side A
Howard Stern- Radio Excerpt
Intro: Take That- Tony Touch
Triumph- Wu-Tang Clan
The Aim- Cella Dwellaz
Day One- D.I.T.C.
My World- O.C.
Okee Dokee- Boot Camp Clique
Cloud Nine- Heather B
I Got Style- Craig Mack
Who Ya Wit- Jay-Z
The Franklins- DJ Riz
Beasts From The East- Lost Boyz w/ Canibus, Redman and A-plus
You Ain't A Killer- Big Pun
Third World- DJ Muggs w/ RZA & GZA
97 Mentality- Cappadonna
Flipmode Enemy- Rampage
B.I.G.- Interlude
Illuminati- Tragedy & Iman Thug
Side B
The Rawness- Teflon f. M.O.P.
Throw Your Hands Up High- Tracy Lee f. B.I.G.
Express- Group Home
Peas & Quos- Saukrates
50 Thousand Heads- Afu-Ra w/ Sadat X
Gravy- Maestro Manny
Black On Black Crime- GP Wu
Sounz Ill- Boot Camp Clik
Action- Sauce Money
La Saga- IAM w/ Sunz of Man, Timbo King & Dreddy Krueger
I'm A Thug- Tragedy w/ Iman Thug
Where Your Skillz At- Artifacts
Ahh-Ahh No No- Hurricane G
Move Ahead- DJ Muggs w/ KRS-One
Heavyweights- MC Eight
Verbal Attack- Black Thought w/ Problems

Hope that helps.

If anybody's got Tony Touch tape#49 that would be the hotness.

It got lost in the shuffle a long time ago.

S.O.U.L. said...

Thanx for the tracklist jammq

JAMMQ said...

No problem, thanks for all the uploads. Some great stuff from back in the day on here.

Oh, and the final track is Notorious B.I.G.- You're Nobody Till Somebody Kills You.

Sorry, it was unlisted on the tape I have.

Thanks again for all the great uploads.


Anonymous said...

great stuff thanks for the tracklisting, was looking for this... I have an original cd copy of this that fades out during at 'im a thug' but no linear notes. that 50,000 heads track is RA the Rugged Man and Sadat X, not Afu-Ra

Anonymous said...

yooo brothazz , hey i need "maestro manny " gravy, this track is good , you haved links for downloads ? thnak s brotha, peace from colombia.

Also check out this:

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