Wednesday, June 18, 2008

DJ Supa Dave

01. Krs-One Intro
02. Hip-Hop vs. Rap/Cold Cuts (Remix)
03. Duck Down
04. Step Into A World
05. My Philosophy
06. Outta Here
07. Like A Throttle
08. Blueprint
09. Attendance
10. Criminal Minded
11. Get Yourself Up
12. The MC
13. Why Is That
14. We In There
15. Sound Of The Police
16. Poetry
17. Love's Gonna Get Ya
18. Mortal Thoughts
19. Jah Rules
20. 13 & Good
21. South Bronx
22. Black Cop
23. Breath Control
24. I'm Still #1
25. Krs-One Attacks
26. Raperz-R-N-Danger
27. Ya Slippin'
28. Hot
29. Bridge Is Over
30. MC's Act Like They Don't Know
31. Wannabe MC's
32. Higher Level
33. Free Mumia feat. Channel Live
34. Raptizm
35. Bronx Tales feat. Fat Joe
36. P Is Still Free

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Olskool4real said...

I checked this out today and it was John Blaze 4 real!!!Awesome line up!! In fact I heard a couple of jammies that I liked that I passeed on earlier on the Sneak attack album, but I tell you whe the m.c. comes on I get straight hype Kris be killin it I love it when he gets that lyrical flow juice goin!!!

Anonymous said...

What's up with track 14 on this?

DJ Bite said...

Indeed, track 14 is not ok. It is unbelievably soft.
Please correct this.

xcel23 said...

Could someone repost this. The link is dead

Also check out this:

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