Thursday, June 12, 2008

DJ Yoda & Dan Greenpeace

01. Intro (There's No Stopping Us)
02. DJ Yoda feat. Skillz - Tip-Toe (Remix)
03. Big Daddy Kane - Set It Off (Memory Man Remix)
04. Dave Cortez - Happy Soul With A Hook
05. Christina vs. Chamillionaire - Ain't No Other Man
06. Keith Mansfield - Funky Fanfare (KPM vs. DJ Drama)
07. Bongo Break (Howard Stern vs. Paul Wall)
08. High Snobriety - Baby Gravy
09. Hubert Laws - Listen To The Band
10. DJ Yoda - Five Minute Lesson
11. G-Mike - Read A Book
12. Grandfathers Rap Acapella
13. DJ Yoda - Alphabet Skit
14. Westwood Unthugged (A Tribute To The Legend)
15. DJ Yoda - DJ Yoda Gets Jiggy
16. The Radio Song
17. Lily vs. Dre
18. A Taste Of Honey - Rescue Me
19. Positive K - I Got A Man
20. Two Kings In A Cypher - Movin' On Em
21. DJ Yoda feat. Ursula - P Is For Party
22. Learn The Cowbell
23. Grandfathers Rap (Remix 1)
24. DJ Yoda - Food
25. KRS One vs. The Police
26. Grandfathers Rap (Remix 2)
27. DJ Yoda feat. The Jungle Brothers - Ital Stew
28. P.I.M.P
29. Bonus Track feat. Andy Cooper of Ugly Duckling

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DJ Bite said...

Thanx for all the Yoda mixes. I find him always original.

nothing but truth said...

ain't got this mix, so thanks,i'll give it a listen

Anonymous said...

I spent yesterday some time to write a cue-sheet for this mix. It can be found here:

The coverart can be found here:

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these.Priceless originality.Coupled with DJ skills and (in)credible track selection make Yoda and Dan Greenpeace from the UK, like the Stretch&Bob.....of UK,.....ageing bboys with tried and tested mixtape.....or by any name.Artistic and ENTERTAINING as it gets.A rarae combo.One i'm lovin'.I have half of ENY,in the last 15yrs....rockin it's Evil Dee (props,my mello.ED would endorse Yoda,and does.)As do many “in the true know” NYC,and in every place that true-schoolers cram.
Can you please try to get “JEWBONICS”(An unbelievably Hilario Andretti)“DJ Tape”.....w/Yoda.....cruisin'!!!!.....And one of my TOP2 Greenpeace and DJ YODA (just putting way it's “billed” for clarification)'s the one i refer to insert for “the tan joint with a set of 1210's and a Mixer”.....think(85%,lol)......title is Jiggy Free....or “no more jiggy” had to be released mid-late.....'98.I remember that for sure cuz i have an all (now it is,i'll carry very special LP's on CD for my customers to flip in the whip) Vinyl store (shameless plug SEVENTWENTYRECORDS.COM)....and the first 3 cass. i had for sale were all incredible.....Kid Capri's rare Big L trib.....T.TOCA's power cyphaz....3......and the Greenpeace/Yoda joint i pray you can find,
thanks and blessings.....your doing invaluble work.....KSINO{UZN,RTW}

Also check out this:

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