Thursday, June 5, 2008

Roc Raida & DJ The Boy

01. Judd Dredd
02. Roc Raida - Cut Interlude
03. Dilated Peoples - Work The Angles
04. Rasco - Unassisted (Roc Raida Mix)
05. Rob Swift - All That Scatching
06. Roc Raida Vs. Mystery DJ
07. Raida Gettin' Down
08. They Don't See Me Comin'
09. Biggie & The Lox - Last Day
10. Heltha Skeltha - The Square
11. Blackmoon - Warzone (Remix)
12. Noreaga - Thug Poetry
13. Great Diety Dah - Ready 2 Kill
14. Paid And Live - All My Time
15. DJ The Boy - Cut Interlude
16. Rob O - Wunderlust
17. Baron Ricks - Harlem River Drive
18. Pete Rock - The Game
19. Half-A-Mil - Fires In Hell
20. Old World Disorder feat. Eminem - 3 6 5
21. Heltah Skeltah - Gunz And Onez
22. Charlie Baltimore & Ghostface Killah - Stand Up
23. Camron & Big Pun - Fantastic
24. Juice - Freestyle
25. 6 4 Niggaz - War

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John Henry DeJong said...

Maybe you can help me out!

I've been going absolutely nuts trying to remember the name and artist of this old-school track that used to get play on my local 'urban' station. Same station that would play stuff like "What People Do For Money" and "Rock Box" and "Electric Kingdom" and whatnot.

Here's the problem: The song had no lyrics. It had VOCALS, but no lyrics. I'd almost have to re-record it to get it across, but I'll do the best I can here.

Song starts with a male voice, deep and reverby:

"Bah" (2..3..4..) "Bah" (2..3..4..)

The "bah"s keep going, and then here comes this guy with a sort of tenorish line that sounds almost like an african tribal thing - "nn-dada-doedoedoe-nn-dada-doedoe" (rest). Then THAT repeats and becomes part of the soundscape as well, and more parts keep coming in until you've got this huge mutilayered polyvocal thing that eventually gets laid over a basic beat and instrumental track complete with obligatory early-80's orchestra hits (if I remember right). This song MAY also have that little ewok 'wikiwikiwikiwiki' thing in is someplace, but I might be getting it mixed up in my head with that silly Newcleus song.

I haven't heard this in maybe 22 years, but I remember it as a very early example of the kinds of deep, layered mixing that later became part of the whole rap/hip-hop bag o' tricks.

Can you tell me what the heck this song was and who recorded it before I lose my mind?

Andyman187 said...

Yo S.o.u.l. is there a vol 1? Keep dropping them mixes!

S.O.U.L. said...

sorry John doesn't ring a bell to me

S.O.U.L. said...

I searched for it but can't find it

Tdawg said...

John, the song is 'Trommeltanz' (a/k/a 'Din Daa Daa') by George Kranz.

Also check out this:

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