Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poll Post 10 & blog post 1900

We're going to do something different with this Poll Post because it's number 10 & this is my 1900th post on this blog i'm going to put 10 mixtapes in the poll and will post the top 2 mixtapes. This time you can vote for:
DJ Iroc - #8
DJ Clue - Back 2 School
Scratch Cyborgz - From Outerspace
DJ Camilo - Hip Hop #20
DJ Doggtime - It's So Hott
DJ Chubby Chubb - Shits Blazzin
DJ Evil Dee - R&B Mix 95
Tony Touch - Hip Hop #63
DJ Craig G - Hot Like Fire III
Twelve Hundred Assassins - Volume One

Happy Voting

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