Friday, November 5, 2010

DJ Flip

Side A:
01. Intro
02. Gangstarr - You Know My Steez
03. DJ Krush - Supanova
04. Company Flow - Corners '94
05. Lace Da Boomz - And One
06. Rakim - Guess Who's Back
07. Phife - If Men Are Dogs
08. Organised Konfusion - Numbers
09. EPMD - Dungeon Master
10. Busta Rhymes - So Hardcore
11. Tha Alkaholiks - Hip Hop Drunkies
12. Diamond D - 5 Fingaz Of Death
13. Latyrx - Rankin No. 1
14. DJ Nasser - Panic On The Wheels

Side B:
01. ABN feat. Metafora - Hiphopportunisme
02. J-Live - Hush Da Crowd
03. Hieroglyphics - The Who
04. Gravediggaz - The Night The Earth Cried
05. DJ Shadow - Camel Bobsled Race (Q-Bert Remix)
06. X-Ecutioners - Word Play
07. Concepteur DC - Pass Me Da
08. Rodney P - Things In Time
09. Sir Menelik - Space Cadillac
10. EPMD - Put On
11. Outro

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Thanx to Tapediggers


Anonymous said...

Can somebody please check this file,it's going backwards.All your link's are usually lovely,&props for keeping them up as long as you do.I lost a,no$$$amount of my 86-2008 collection,plus djFlip's the dude,our peeps from home.Please look into,sincerly fiending&alot of time invested in.sincerely,ETHEX

Anonymous said...

This site was the greatest to me!After losing a 30yr(dating back to pre-vinyl)mix-tape collection&my priceless crates to a home invasion,that left me handicap,&w/a 90% chance of being an amputee,i've taught myself how to walk again(all for my Stretch&Bobbito collection debut Show oct.25th'90-dec.94(all shows in full they got no S&B shows,i had in sep“vault”,it's that dreaded night,5surgery's,a terrified family,&priceless ammount's of music later i found you all.I was reinvigorated.That being said tonight,is a sad one.When i seen you posted,the late,great Dj Flip's vol.3(&my personal fave)i was ecstatic.That was until my first comment(knowing mega-upload can take up to kickin')but when that's the case it would read“this file is temporarily unavailable”.Instead,it was a live link,that put my pc(which being handicap'd&choosing to still work)is my livelihood.I pray my comp.&any others who lost all thier“memory”&hopefully not any music,that this labor of love(is hard work,as you know)Irony,is i'm so grateful for this site.We lost OUR fatbeatsNYC.So getting these gems we look to blog's like this one for.Also,i spread word all over ENY about your site.People love(especially i)that you keep link's live and safe.That's why i'm shocked,to see a just posted fave of mine&many late30's to early40's true schoolers,have to have possible damage,trying to get a mixtape that after rip'd should be tried&“true”,especially as i said“being so grateful '07 link's are pristine,&while on that subject,can you please re-up,forgot dj,it's late&i'm worried about comp.the title is“it's DiamondD w/the dope sound”so i'm sure you know the one i'm speaking on,please.I'm typing this on a Wii because of my limb.I am most appreciative of your time&am even intrested in contributing some Jewells.please get back to me,i'll check this comments section.For the good of this great site&Dj Flip(our gifted Friend/&peer)please fix said dilema,or take post down.Thiers enough forces f'n with the sanctity of our Culture,we need you!!!!

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