Thursday, May 21, 2009

DJ Three

Side A:
01. DJ Three Intro
02. Gangreen feat. Onyx - I'll Murder You
03. Hi-Tech - 24/7
04. Frankenstein - Pain (Remix)
05. Pure Genius - Here We Go
06. Ak Skills - One Life To Live
07. Mf Grimm feat. Fatman Scoop - International Rules Get Down Chorus (Remix)
08. Non Phixion - 5 Boros
09. Organized Family Project - Cinnamon Brown
10. Ill Bill, LP, Destroy Freestyle over the bon vi instru iirc
11. The High & Mighty - It's All For You
12. Siah & Yeshua Dapo Ed - Gravity

Side B:
01. Total Eclipse Intro
02. Company Flow - Infokill
03. Mf Grimm feat. B-1 - Emotions
04. Chaos - Death Stalks (Remix)
05. Scott Lark Da Sensei - The Movie
06. Funky DL - Guile
07. L Da Head Toucha - It's Your Life
08. The High & Mighty feat. Bobbito - Hands On Experience
09. Siah & Yeshua Dapo Ed - The Visuals
10. Grav feat. Al Tariq - City To City
11. Mr. Live - I Am Mcee Raw Version
12. Son A Bluntz - Don't Snooze
13. Lee Ramsay - God Bless Your Life

Download DJ Three

Thanx to Philaflava


Anonymous said...

nice to see some dj 3, anyone have no labels or fatbeats?

restless said...

Thanks For this post,
This IS no kiddin my favorite mixtape all time, i played this a million times and lost it eventualy so great to find this back!

spinback on every track, big undergroundraw shit, just how i like it


DJ2DJS said...

WOW!!! DJ-three..Just a lil history for those who don't know, i seen three perform in switzerland, germany, paris, amsterdam and london with groups and dj's such as the roots, group home, blahzy blahzy, wu-tang, snoop, mary j, riz, flex, cee, tony touch, spinbad, doowop, x-men, ls/dummy, daryl james, kenny dope, finese,and a whole bunch of other's just to name a few. Not to forget his spots on the stretch/bobitto, and mayham show, eventually landing a liu radio spot of his own. Saw him open up for flex at the tunnel, and big kap at the palladium, nells, supper club, farenheit, sobs, budda bar ect... Let's not forget about his dj battle scene and record shop run.

restless said...

Thanks DJ2DJS!
nice to hear some info 'bout dj three
some vids or links should be even greater tough.


Stainless Insaness said...

I have two other mixtapes from DJ Three and I'm tryin to Locate his "Fat Beats Presents" tape. I'm down to do some file trading...

S.O.U.L. said...

The only 2 i got are posted here Underground Flow 2 & The Battle Zone

Restless said...

Thanks Stainless! (msn)

DJ SA said...


I had been looking for this tape.

If you OK , Please re-up "DJ THREE - THE BATTLE ZONE" !


Also check out this:

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