Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doo Wop

Side A:
01. Doo Wop - Freestyle
02. AZ, Lord Tariq & Rev Gooti - Freestyle
03. Snaggapus - Phone Message
04. Rah Digga & MC Lyte - Where You At Mamma
05. Fat Joe - Exclusive
06. AZ - Exclusive
07. Prodigy - Keep It Thorough
08. Don Blaq - Exclusive
09. Camron - Exclusive
10. Big L - Flamboyant
11. Nature - Exclusive
12. M.O.P. - Ante Up
13. Memphis Bleek - My Mind Right
14. Lord Tariq - Cold World
15. Remi Martin - Exclusive
16. Angie Martinez feat. Jay-Z - Mi Armor
17. Tracy Lee, Black Rob, Buckshot & Mad Rapper - Exclusive

Side B:
01. Jojo Pelligrino - Where I'm From
02. Carl Thomas - Exclusive
03. Next - Blend
04. Mya - Blend
05. Lucy Pearl - Blend
06. Toni Braxton - Blend
07. Ruff Endz - Blend
08. Ginuwine - Blend
09. Aaliyah - Blend
10. Nelly - Blend
11. Murder Money Gettaz - Bubblin
12. Cuban Link & Fat Joe - Why Me

Side C:
01. Doo Wop - Freestyle
02. Life's A Bitch
03. Yearning For You Love
04. Gotta Get You Home
05. Renee
06. Hollywood's World
07. Fools Paradise
08. Can't Knock The Hustle (Remix)
09. I Ain't The One
10. Never Too Much
11. Dancing Machine
12. Treat Her Like A Lady
13. Somebody Else's Guy
14. Candy Girl
15. I Like It
16. Hey Mr. DJ

Side D:
01. Roni
02. Rock Me Tonight
03. I Do Love You
04. I Like
05. Who Can I Run To
06. Honey Love
07. Freak Me
08. Lady In My Life
09. Do Me Baby
10. Nite & Day
11. Tell Me
12. Heartbeat
13. Sexual Healing

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Anonymous said...

see this is hot. remember those Murda Mixtapes Dj Whoo Kid & Stretch Armstrong used to do? those were fire.

Tapemasta said...

Exactly & that's what made mixtapes unique..You had all type of music on it a double tape & the cds gave you a shorter version..Glad everybody enjoy the tapes

Anonymous said...

more than enjoyed, it was like a flash back. Whoo Kid and Stretch - Murda Mixtape 4, I just searched for it and saw the tracklisting. that was one of the best mixtapes to ever come out of NYC. can't find a rip of it. i used to have it, no idea where it went.

Tapemasta said...

Those Stretch & Whoo Kid tapes was all Stretch material..Whoo Kid wasn't really doing it like that..If you see the current releases of Whoo Kid nothing like those Murda Mixtapes..But i understand where you coming from on those mixtapes..Classic material for the streets..I might have to flip something for the masses..

Anonymous said...

murda mixtape pt5 would be a nice post

Anonymous said...

murda mixtape vol3

S.O.U.L. said...

Thanx for hooking us up with Murda Mixtape 3

Anonymous said...

what's up with Murda Mixtape 4?? that Capone n Noreaga song was on it that never was released again. can someone upp it?

Anonymous said...

no probs hope some one can up the rest pt5 is my fav

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