Friday, February 20, 2009

DJ Break

01. Intro
02. Monica - That Boy Is Mine b/w Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell (Break remix)
03. Big Pun feat. Black Thought - Super Lyrical (Break remix)
04. Noreaga - N.O.R.E. b/w AZ - Trading Places (Break remix)
05. Method Man, Redman & DMX - 4,3,2,1 (Break remix)
06. DMX & Ice Cube - We Be Clubing (Break remix)
07. DMX - Get At Me Dog (Break remix)
08. Cappadonna - Slang Editorial b/w 24/7 feat. 9 (Break remix)
09. Krs-One - My Philosophy b/w Gang Starr - Dwyck b/w Eric B & Rakim - Pump Up The Volume b/w MC Humor b/w Slick Rick - Children's Story (Break remix)
10. Notorious BIG - Nasty Boy (Break remix)
11. Atmosphere - Scapegoat (Break remix)
12. Method Man - Sub Crazy (Break remix)
13. East Flatbush Project - Tried By 12 (Break remix)
14. Outkast - Jazzy Belle b/w Master Ace - Check It Out (Break remix)
15. Rakim - Guess Who's Back (Break remix)
16. The Beatnuts - Off The Books (Break remix)
17. Pras feat.ODB and Mya - Ghetto Superstar (Break remix)
18. Puff Daddy, Notorious BIG, Busta Rhymes - Victory (Break remix)
19. Next - Too Close b/w Mase - Been Around The World Remix b/w Wyclef - Gone Til November (The Makin' Runs Remix) (Break remix)
20. Alkaholics - All Night b/w Cannibus - Gone Til November(The Makin' The Runs Remix) b/w Puff - All Around The World Remix b/w Busta Rhymes - Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See (Break remix)
21. Diamonds In The Rough - The Doe (Break remix)
22. Mic Geronimo feat. Puff Daddy - Nothin' But The Money (Break remix)
23. Busta Rhymes - Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See (Break remix)
24. Slick Rick - Mona Lisa b/w Big Pun - Off The Books (Break remix)
25. Gang Starr - Just To Get A Rep b/w DWYCK (Break remix)
26. Gang Starr - The Rep Grows Bigger (Break remix)
27. Pharcyde - Passing Me By b/w Beatles - Hey Jude (Break remix)
28. Big Pun feat. Wyclef - Caribbean Connection (Break remix)
29. There Is No Competition!

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Tapemasta said...

Once again, you did it !! Break is considered a great dj whch people didn't get to hear about..His other releases are considered street classics ( Best of Em, Tape v8, v9, v10, )..I got a joint he did for Tapekingz ( DJ Contest, hich he won ) years ago & that's what got me open on what he did..Straight skills !!!

Anonymous said...

more DJ Break please....

djpos2?! said...

this tape here was my introduction to dj break. I believe it was in '98 when I came across this tape. shit blew me away. Did not come across many after that for whatever reason. But this cat is sick.


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