Friday, November 7, 2008

DJ Books

01. De La Intro
02. Ooooh feat. Redman
03. Potholes In My Lawn
04. Me, Myself & I
05. Ego Trippin'
06. Rock Cokane Flow
07. Breakadawn
08. Da Bizness
09. It'z So Ezee
10. Saturday
11. View
12. Buddy (Remix)
13. A Little Bit Of Soap
14. Millie Pulled A Pistol
15. Area
16. Plug Tunin' (Remix)
17. Baby Phat
18. Oodles Of O's
19. Declaration
20. Stakes Is High
21. De La Cratik
22. 4-More feat. Zhane
23. Say No Go
24. Eye Know
25. De La Outro

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1 comment:

The Dynamic Hamza 21 said...

I heard DJ books Pete Rock/CL Smooth mix it was ok. Not too much mixing though. On his myspace page he has a grip on mixtapes covers but no links to the mixes. Soul,you think you could find the Aaliyah the Goddess mix and post it? I'm itchin to hear that one.

Also check out this:

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