Thursday, May 29, 2008

DJ Supa Dave

01. Scenario Intro
(Big L)
02. Once Again The Mans Back
03. Ebonics
04. The Big Picture (Intro)
05. Platinum Plus feat. Big Daddy Kane
06. Fall Back feat. Kool G Rap
07. '98 Freestyle

(Notorious B.I.G.)
08. You Should Know My Steelo
09. Gimme Da Loot
10. Machine Gun Funk
11. Kick In The Door
12. Who Shot Ya

13. Its Da Funkadelic Funk
14. Rated R
15. Redman Meets Reggie Noble
16. Pick It Up (Remix)
17. Its Like That (My Big Brother) feat. K-Solo
18. Hardcore

19. Straight Out The Dungeons Of Rap
20. Rewind
21. Represent
22. I Gave You Power
23. N.Y. State Of Mind

24. Back At You
25. Do It Again (Put Ya Hands Up) feat. Beanie Sigel
26. Where Im From
27. Friend Or Foe
28. Friend Or Foe '98

(LL Cool J)
29. Dont Call It A Comeback
30. I Shot Ya feat. Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe & Foxy Brown
31. 4,3,2,1 feat. Method Man, Redman, Canibus & DMX

32. This Is A Warning
33. Dont Sweat The Technique
34. Whats On Your Mind
35. Know The Ledge (Juice)

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