Monday, May 26, 2008

Craig G & Marley Marl

01. Intro
02. Reintroduction
03. Quality Work feat. Will Pack & Rakaa Of Dilated Peoples
04. Made The Change
05. Deep Down
06. We Gets It In feat. Talib Kweli
07. Just What I Need
08. All Seasons
09. War Going On feat. Cormega
10. Skates
11. Stay In Ya Lane feat. Sadat X
12. Open Ya Eyes
13. Regrets
14. Not A Word
15. Rock Dis feat. KRS-One
16. Don't Make Me Laugh
17. The Day The Music Died/how About The Mic feat. Cold Heat (Hidden Track)

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Anonymous said...

blazin beats...thx keep it up

Olskool4real said...

Oh man what can I say!!!DAmn!! Damn!! Damn!!! In my honest opinion it's straight booty and if I bought it I sould have to sign myself into an insane asylum! The first two cuts weren't bad but damn!!!Craig showed he still has skills but I wasn't moved!! I hear this and I hear KRS One of now and I'm like please stop it!!!

I like the title and what they stand for but if you are going to take hip hop back it gotta appeal!!Those beats were lame they had no hype!!Perhaps a good formula might be for old school artist to better balance their music so it has that contemporary appeal but maintain it's hip hop elements!! In other words come up to date a bit!!!I am from the old school and got much love for both of these cats, my problem is cats hollaring bringing back hip hop and all with weak presentations!! This album as well as adventure in emceeing are poor attempts to bring anything back it is embarrassing!!!

And the Winner is emc with Master ACe and crew if you wanna represent that's the way . Or how about the Marco Polo piece Nostalgic hgh!!!Hell I'll even go for the Jazzy Jeff/Big Daddy Kane joint on Jazy's latest album!!!

Thanks for the post S.O.U.L I had to vent some stuff on this one!!!

Marley Marl said...

yeah, i hear you bro! thing is cat's post these albums on the net,i get payed zero,that's why my studio is out of date and my beats are wicky wicky wack!

cheers,im off to fuck shante!

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