Wednesday, May 28, 2008

DJ 1Mic & DJ Mixx

01. Underground Radio Intro
02. DJ Mixx Intro
03. Rakim - Man With A Gun
04. DJ Mike Nice Co-Signs DJ 1Mic
05. Ei8Trak Feat Persia & Kool G Rap - Take The Money
06. Nas - War Is Nessacary
07. AZ - What Would You Do
08. Snoop Dogg - Neva Have 2 Worry
09. CL Smooth - Ohh
10. Foxy Brown Speaks
11. Foxy Brown - Star Cry
12. Spice 1 - Carried By Six
13. Prodigy - Veterans Memorial Part 2
14. Buckshot & 9th Wonder - Man Listen
15. CL Smooth - Is It Real
16. Sean Price - All In Your Head
17. KRS-One - The Teacha Returns
18. Fat Joe feat. KRS-One - My Conscience
19. Ice Cube - It Takes A Nation
20. Lil Keke feat. Scarface - I'm A G (Remix)
21. Method Man & Redman - Broken Language 08
22. Method Man feat. Sticky Fingaz - Do It Do It
23. EPMD - Look At You Now
24. Sadat X feat. JuJu & A.G. - Rollin
25. Showbiz & A.G. feat. O.C. - Chase Game
26. O.C. feat. A.G. - 2 For The Money
27. A+ - Its My Turn
28. CL Smooth - Battlefield
29. Ed O.G. Feat Masta Ace - What Does It Matter
30. DJ Mixx Outro
31. Black Thought - Here Comes The Boss (Not On Album)

Download DJ 1Mic & DJ Mixx


Olskool4real said...

Megaupload is saying the link is not available!!!

S.O.U.L. said...

megaupload does that now and then. Just try it in a few minutes and the link will be back

DJ 1Mic said...

thanks 4 the support...

Anonymous said...



thx anyways

Zodiac said...

dead link, can you re-upped ? the mix looks dope...

Olskool4real said...

I got it off another site but decided to comment on here S.O.U.L I wanna send a huge shout out to DJ 1mic this was cool!! I was reading the comment you posted on the other sites and I just want to say I have been purchasing mixtapes from about 95 on up,from 2000 to about 2005 I was getting the bootleg copies. My favorites was Tony touch because gave you that raw hip hop on his tapes. The game got crazy to many lesser known cats calling themselves DJ's who never spinned a record a day in their life f***ed the game up!! Look at the mixtape sites and all you see is a bunch of Southern DJ's and so forth playing the same stuff, and the skilled DJ's are to far in between!! I got turned off period with major artist making booty as albums and too much strip joint and club stuff for my blood!!!Even some of the East Coast Dj's started jock huggin some of that dirty dirty stuff and I simply stopped getting them in about 2006!!

I am saying all this to say that I appreciate you trying to sway the listeners back into buying good mixtapes, but these cats done screwed up the game 4 real!!

This blog and a few others have given new life to mixtapes and introduced us to DJ's such as yourself that I may have never heard from, and cause me to search for more material from them!! As far as purchasing these mixtapes with the internet in mind either the prices have to come down or they have to be offering some obscure or rare tracks for me to purchase them since up to date music is posted everywhere on a regular!!!Or offer a reasonable deal!!!

S.O.U.L. said...

New link is up

S.O.U.L. said...

Again i agree with you olskool :-)
I haven't bought a mixtape since around 2000 i think.
This is because of all the wack so called DJ's who just paste song after song.
This DJ 1Mic tape is the first mixtape since a long time wich i'm feeling again & will defently buy

Olskool4real said...

Some folks may care to differ and think we are just blasting off or getting old and to me that's none of the above. My first couple mixtapes from what we call mixtapes in the 90's were DJ Doo Wop,DJ hectic,DJ Clue, I liked Tony touch for straight hip hop, DJ Juice for variety and skills, my homeboy DJ Cosmic Kev, and the list goes on!! I even hung in with the changing of the guards with K Slay, J-Love who became the new Tony Touch in my opinion for spreading that real sh** that wasn't on the air, Smooth Denali, etc. but then more and more mixtapes stating catering to unsigned hype that was wack and the dirty dirty took over which became a waste of time and money even some of the mixtape giants were letting me down!!! I didn't mind the dirty south stuff but since it doesn't move me I don't listen to it!! I ws hoping our New york and East Coast Dj's would hold it down but many of them jumped on the bandwagon and began supporting what was hot on the mainstream circuit instead staying true to their audience!!! Hip Hop has grown and while their is a huge younger generation audience there is us nostalgic cats that just wanna hear some banging beats , dope ass lyrics, and some turntable wizzardy, in other words the mixtape DJ's have to offer some variety which many of them do, I understand you gotta eat but it's not advertised enough and unless you are digging for this stuff on the web it's hard to find!1 This site along with Mr. mass, Dirty Waters and a couple others have supplied me with some crazy old school sh** and connections to others!!I got nothin but luv for Original Underground Hip Hop since S.O.U.L goes out of his way to keep this flavor pumping!!!

This DJ 1mic piece gave us a lot of Old School artist who enjoyed some sucess in the industry early on, that haven't been talked about a lot recently! This mixtape has given us a chance to hear some dope sh** that don't get heard on the radios or on other mixtapes!!!While many of these cats arent' making home run albums they do have some notable cuts that slipped under the radar from the hip hop headz!!!Yeah definetly worth buying!!!

DJ 1Mic said...

thanks guy...

next edition coming this fall...

Hosted By MC Lyte ( Hopefully, lol ) I have her drops, just no music...

Also check out this:

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