Monday, February 28, 2011

DJ Books

Finally...THE SUPA MC IS HERE.....COMMON. This is part one of two. Big up to the Chi-Town Massive (Peanut, Terrance...good looking out). Big up to My Diggers Union family for holding me down. Common is THAT DUDE....period. Peace
01. No Common Rapper Intro
02. Come Close feat. Mary J Blige (Thief-mix)
03. Next Time (Unreleased Version)
04. Invocation
05. Sum Shit I Wrote
06. The Bitch In You
07. 6th Sense
08. Tekzilla
09. Verbal Murda Verse
10. Testify
11. Soul Power
12. Start The Show (No Hook Version)
13. Resurrection
14. Stolen Moments Pt. III feat. Q-Tip
15. The Light
16. No Competition
17. The People
18. Car Horn (Madlib Remix)
19. Charms Alarm
20. Food feat. Kanye West
21. Orange Pineapple Juice
22. Nag Champa
23. Announcement feat. Pharell
24. The Game
25. What They Used To Say
26. Go
27. I Want U feat.
28. I Used To Love H.E.R.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy all your joints.(Props to TTT).....This looks tasty.Real nice trk. selection.Looking foward to pt.2 already.Only trk.'s hoping on pt.2 is “Nothing To Do”,“Communism”,the joint w/Lauryn *damn i'm forgetting title* “Retrospect for Life”.... it has an abortion theme.I like move of leaving both X-Tra P rmx's off.Am hoping you “juggle” them on pt.2.These 2 parters i love.Turning many on to “DJ Book's,yeah he got the props”-Thanks.....and in no way take me looking foward to pt.2 and my few requests as not appreciating this.-RESPECT.....
Sincerely-Bklyn.BOE {UZN,rtw, tvs,UA,RSC}

Anonymous said...

I left 2 very nice and time consuming on the love-love comments for DJBook's.Where are they?!?!....I turn peoples onto site.Respect SOUL.Encourage the right people to comment or “react” with good kharma and positive feedback.What's the deal.Can you post'em?!?!....if not,why have a comment board????-Bklyn.BOE {UZN,RSC}

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