Saturday, May 22, 2010

DJ Unexpected

01. DJ Unexpected- More Guns Than Roses Intro
02. Party & Bullshit
03. Gimme The Loot (Original Version)
04. Biggie Speaks On BK (Interlude)
05. The Garden Freestyle
06. Unbelievable
07. Who Shot Ya?
08. Warning
09. Somebody’s Gotta Die
10. Get Money (Verse)
11. Kick In The Door
12. The Long Kiss Goodnight
13. Last Day (Feat. The Lox)
14. Flava In Ya Ear Remix (Verse)
15. It’s All About The Benjamins (Verse)
16. Make You Happy (Feat. R. Kelly)
17. One More Chance
18. I Got A Story To Tell
19. Machine Gun Funk (Original Version)
20. Fuck You Tonight (Feat. R. Kelly)
21. Player’s Anthem (Verse)
22. 10 Crack Commandments
23. Niggas Bleed
24. The What (Feat. Method Man-Original Version)
25. What’s Beef
26. Brooklyn’s Finest (Feat. Jay-Z)
27. RIP Outro

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Jay President said...

Awesome mixtape homie! keep delivering these exclusives!!

Also check out this:

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