Sunday, May 30, 2010

DJ Books

Our first and ONLY blend mixtape...CLASSIC BLENDZ - SEASON 1. Here's to the blend masters who came the blend masters who do it the future blend masters who will keep it alive. The covers are a testament to some of their work. We thank everyone for the support...more soon come. Respect to my Diggers Union bredren!

01. Put A Rush On Me (Who U Talkin Yo Blend)
02. Bartender (Tonites Blend)
03. Heard It All Before (Body Blend)
04. Locked Up (Fat Genius Blend)
05. Sexual Healing (Why U Wanna Blend)
06. Don't Take It Personal (No One Made Flashlights Blend)
07. Rock The Boat (She Snitched Blend)
08. On The Hotline (Ohh It's A Blend)
09. If I Ever Fall In Love Again (Presidential Blend)
10. I'm A Flirt (Pop And Drop Blend)
11. No One (I Need The Sky Blend)
12. Lost Without U (Commanding Blend)
13. Snap Ya Fingers (Original Heads Blend)
14. Lucifer (Amusement Blend)
15. I Got To Be Down (Hold Me Down Blend)
16. Enough Cryin (Beat A Nut Blend)
17. Love Like This (Rap And Blow Blend)
18. Lighters Up (R.I.P. Blend)
19. Upgrade U (Noodle Soup Blend)
20. My Valentine (Watch Blend)
21. Gypsy Woman (A Sexy Back Blend)

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