Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DJ Third Rail & Looks One

Side A:
01. Big L - Freestyle
02. Choclair - Flagrant
03. Natural Elements - Live It Up
04. Nas - Blaze A 50
05. Natruel - Natruel On Top
06. M.O.P. & Teflon - Annihilation
07. Megalon - Peace To The Homeless
08. Aphillyation - Dry Tears
09. El The Sensei, Pharaoh Monche, Prince-Po, Mike Zoot & F.T. - Frontline
10. Krs-One feat. Wycleff - Land Of The Boogie Down
11. Raekwon & American Cream Team - Giant Size

Side B:
01. Tragedy Khadafi feat. Iman Thug - Lift Ya Glass
02. Nas - NY State Of Mind Pt. II
03. Lootpack - New Years Resolution
04. Cloud Kickers feat. Cage - And So Kiddies
05. Sean Boston aka Blackattack - My word
06. Natural Elements - Two Tons
07. Silouette - Rated R
08. Dead Pres - Fuck Da Police
09. Nas - Small World
10. Black Moon - Duress
11. Network Reps feat. Tru Persona, Mike Zoot & L. Fudge - Dose Collabo
12. M.O.P. - To The Death (Remix)

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BIG D O said...

yo, just a small request;

you have any more G Bo The Pro and Double R tapes? all the ones you posted i scooped...

just wondering...

blog is gret too btw...been a loyal reader for years now...

S.O.U.L. said...

Sorry man everything i got is already on here

BIG D O said...

okay, no doubt, had to ask....

BIG D O said...

one last thing, i'mma put your new mix up on my blog....

been coming to OUHH for years now, i was wondering if it's coo if i add you to my blog roll?

Also check out this:

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