Saturday, October 31, 2009

DJ Books

Foxy Brown and Little Kim...Inga Marchand and Kimberly Jones both changed the face of Hip Hop and paved the way for the artistic expressions of Trina, Jacki-O, and now Nicki Manaj(they caught the Millie Jackson express co-driven by "Jigga" and "Big Poppa"). Now It may NOT be your cup of tea and some of you have already posted the Little Kim(and we definitely thank you). a dj i know the power of some of these songs on that dance floor...and that, my friends, is what matters sometimes. Just ask those around-the-way girls who know "not tonite" by Kimberly Jones word for word...Salute.
P.S. don't forget those "around-the-way" girls are in their late 20's and up!

01. Fox Boogie Intro
02. Ill Na Na feat. Method Man
03. The Quan feat. Lady Saw
04. Candy feat. Kelis
05. Fuck Somebody Else
06. Sunshine feat. Jay-Z
07. I Shot Ya feat. LL Cool J
08. Brooklyn We Go Hard feat. Jay-Z
09. La Familia feat. The Firm
10. Ring The Alarm feat. Beyonce
11. Chyna White
12. Touch Me, Tease Me feat. Case
13. You Already Know feat. 112
14. No One Else Verse
15. Boss (Star Cry Remix)
16. Hot Spot
17. Affirmative Action Remix feat. The Firm
18. Ain't No Nigga feat. Jay-Z
19. Stylin Remix feat. Baby, Nore, Loon, Young Gavin
20. Come Fly With Me feat. Sizzla
21. Na Na Be Like
22. I'll Be feat. Jay-Z
23. Big Bad Mamma feat. Dru Hill
24. Whatever You Like feat. T.I. & Trina
25. The Promise feat. Havoc
26. You're Making Me High feat. Tony Braxton
27. Get Me Home feat. Blackstreet (Outro)

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