Wednesday, March 12, 2008


01. Welcome feat. Jabba Tha Kut
02. Lost Verse I
03. Learn The Basics
04. Breathe
05. Craftin' The Jewelz feat. Jabba Tha Kut
06. Lost Verse II
07. Endless Journey fat. Jabba Tha Kut
08. Lost Verse III
09. A Kind Named Lee
10. DJ T-Bear (Stupid Shout)
11. Right Education
12. Get Down
13. Recorded Freestyle
14. Thought It Wasn't
15. Underground
16. Breakin The 50's
17. The Rain (Revisited)
18. Give It Up ( version)
19. Words Can't Describe feat. Printz Mistah, Dan-W (Bonus Track)
20. Gettin Your Spot feat. Dan-W, Printz Mistah, Idyllic (Bonus Track)
21. Fire feat. Dan-W, Mou$ie, Idyllic, Printz Mistah (Bonus Track)

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