Friday, March 14, 2008

Neek The Exotic

01. Exotics' Raw (Intro)
02. N.E.E.K.
03. Prepared To Get Stomped
04. Make That Money feat. Royal Flush
05. Don't Stop
06. Exotics' Raw feat. Large Professor
07. Backs "N" Necks
08. Cake Up feat. Da Blak Boyz
09. Letter To Ma feat. Jasmine Lowther
10. Hardcore feat. Large Professor
11. Straight Out To Get It feat. Da Blak Boyz
12. Queens Anthem
13. The Mothafuckin' Man feat. Joe Flav
14. This Here's Gangsta feat. Royal Flush & Universal

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Anonymous said...

could you reup this please. i have been looking for his song that sampled Isley Brothers Summer Breeze

Anonymous said...


Lauwe Dabbert said...

This album was such a let down. Neek dropped a gang of steller 12"s and one sick EP with arguably the best hiphop producer off all time. Then after the buzz totally died out he came with this piece of shyt!

I mean half of the material was allready 4/5 years old when the album dropped and the new stuff (including an inferior version of 'Exotic is Raw') was just straight doo doo.

Anonymous said...

I happened to like this lp(no pun),re-up.For all of us in Flushing Meadows(&the Kid Capri 52 Breakbeats.I appreciate more than you can realize.fact you keep most links live is loco lovely,go for gusto keep them all,&i have nothing against mega-upload,sometimes a choice makes things easier,especially with my handicap.I say not for sympathy just to let you know that the culture's what i've lived whole life leading up to,and i'm eternally grateful,to get back these pieces that were destroyed during incident,BLESS!!!!"ETHEX"

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