Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Diggers Union

The Diggers Union: Today, join us at The Diggers Union as we celebrate one of hip-hop's most imitated and revered MC's, Antonio Hardy aka Big Daddy Kane. In celebration of his birthday, DJ Unexpected is presenting a cherished mix from 2004 (re-released in 2007), which was actually his first mix tape ever released (officially). Titled Under the Influence, it features classic freestyles, remixes and cuts from Big Daddy Kane and Jay Z, who was without a doubt influenced by Kane's style. Spread love the Brooklyn way on this one of a kind mix, and as always, enjoy and be educated!

01. The Teacher & The Student (Intro)
02. Rap Fan, You’ve Been Scooped Like Ice Cream*
03. WKVH Radio

Jay Z

04. B(l)acks out with a Moment Of Clarity*
05. To get some Dirt Off His Shoulder*
06. December 4th, 1969 was the start of his*
07. 99 Problems*
08. A Public Service Announcement- his name is Hov*
09. His is BIG (Bed-Stuy’s Finest)*
10. His is Big Daddy Kane (Bed-Stuy’s Finest Part 2)*
11. All 3 Were Sucessful with their Takeover*
12. But everyone said Jigga’s My N***a*
13. Even when he was rocking the 1995 Freestyle*
14. He always guaranteed “You’ll get the Best Of Me”*
15. The Fans still scream, “Give It To Me”*
16. Because you Can’t Knock The Hustle*
17. Even though What We Do is wrong

Big Daddy Kane

18. He’s The Man, The Icon*
19. Any Type Of Way you want to put it*
20. He started out Just Rhymin’ With Biz*
21. While in The Cypher (Part 3)*
22. He wondered How You Get A Record Deal?*
23. That’s Word To The Mother(land)*
24. He killed The Symphony*
25. He did warn you Ain’t No Half Steppin’ around here*
26. Every time he’s in The Session, it’s guaranteed heat*
27. He always promised to stay R.A.W.*
28. And Set It Off whenever it was necessary*

Rare & Unreleased Tracks

29. Always the ladies man, Kane warned you about Female Trouble (Feat. Biz Markie)
30. Remember, this is For Your Own Concern (Unreleased song-1987)
31. At the same time, Jay-Z knew he had High Potential; so he screamed HP Get Busy
(Jay-Z’s 1st appearance on record-1986)
32. The Jaz and Jay-Z reminded you 4 years later that they were The Originators of the fast Brooklyn flow
33. He ventured off on his own 3 years later and asked Original Flavor “Can I Get Open?”
34. The next year, he reminded Kane that he can Show & Prove
35. But Kane will always be remembered for being R.A.W. first (Featuring Kool G. Rap- Original Version)
36. With all this in mind, you decide Who’s #1? (Outro)
* = DJ Unexpected Remix

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