Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dutch Venoms: DJ DBS


DBS started his DJ career under the name D.Def in 1989. With two friends he founded the "Def Beats Society" which had as purpose to up lift the quality of hip hop in the Netherlands. He soon discovered that his hart belonged to the underground scene.
In these years he spinned on lots of schools and clubs with the 2 other DJ's. On a DJ contest in club "Locomotion" he was spotted by the club owner and weekly hip hop Sundays was one of the nights where you could see him spin. His choice of records and tight mixes brought him in contact with other organizers who were looking for DJ's on their own events and parties.

The style of DJ D.Def is the fast smooth mix with a little scratch and that was just what the hip-hop parties missed these days. In 1996 D.Def changed his name to DBS because he was the only DJ left in the crew (others stopped), but also because he was called the Def Beats Scientist (cause of the beats he created)

After a busy year on school and work DBS released his mix tapes "Defbeats" in December 1994. Directly after this release he spinned on few big hip hop events such as: Dirty Decibels (Delft, NL), Bomb the Planet (Delft/ The Hague, NL), Hague hip hop festival(The Hague, NL), Whatz Juicy (Leiden, NL), Back to Planet Rock (Eindhoven, NL) The Rhythm The Rebel (Zwolle) and Relevant Elements (Delft, NL). His DJ reputation reached even throughout Germany. He was the party starter for Akrobatik, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Cunninglinguists, Cashmere, Mac Lethal, Pack FM, Tonedeff, Brooklyn Academy and Immortal Technique.

Hip-hop didn't stop at just DJ-ing; he pulled some producers and MC's together and started the "Supreme Court" Crew. "Supreme Court" contained some of the best hip hop acts from The Hague. DBS started recording, the album "Supreme Court" was released in June 2001 and a big hit in the underground scene. He also  produced tracks for the Cunninglinguists, Cashmere the Pro, Tonedeff and pack FM. He got connected with the “Hiphop In Je Smoel (HIJS)” organization where he was the moderator of the DJ forum for years and helped out in several projects, such as “Smoelwerk, The development of hip hop in the Netherlands 1999-2009” a book with DVD and CD.   

As co-founder of the AIGHT foundation, which main goal is to use the positive side of hip hop, DBS teaches youngsters the way of the vinyl. In its hip hop center (Haags HipHop Centrum H3C) the 4 elements can be learned and practice to develop your own style. Now a days AIGHT has become THE hip hop center in the The Hague Area, 90% of hip hop related events, festivals or breakdance battles here are organized by or with AIGHT. Off course DBS is still spinning those tunes on various events as I Love HIPHOP festival, Shit Is Bangin and Rewind parties.

DJ DBS can hold his ground from a 30-minute to a 4 hour set with the newest tracks and the best classics

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