Friday, September 7, 2012

Dutch Venoms: DJ Irie


Gifted with a pair of hands that operate best at the speed of sound and a broad interest in styles and genres, DJ Irie is one of The Netherlands’ most forth going, top notch turntablists, renowned for his skills. A typical name for the busy bee he is, ‘Irie’ refers actual Dutch first name. His style can best be described as ‘eclectic’, mashing and mixing hip hop, reggae, funk and soul, rock, breaks, dubstep and even pop music. Irie evolves himself, since ‘style’ is never a definite concept and needs revision on a daily basis.

Though born and raised in the sunny streets of São Paolo, Brazil, young Irie’s first steps in hip hop appear on Dutch soil, after his parents immigrate to The Netherlands.
His passion for beats and breaks emerges when Irie learns how to beatbox from a friend. Together they form Irie’s first crew: 8 MM. When hip hop beats become computerized during the nineties, he swops his verbal boombox for two turntables and a mixer to expand horizons. The crew successfully tours The Netherlands and Belgium from 1998 till 2000.
Focussing merely on his scratching and mixing techniques, DJ Irie develops profound skills on the decks. Also in the arena: in the year 2000 he claims his first victory during the Skills to pay the bills Hip Hop contest. Two years later he wins the Dutch DMC Championships and manages to prolong his title for 5 years! His hunger for face-to-face supremacy battles is striking and results in a runner up World Champion title at the DMC World Championships in London in 2005.

Irie’s mixing and performance skills stand out. In 2006 he is asked to join Ish, a group of urban theatre performers, on a theatre tour through the Unites States. The collaboration works out flawlessly and Irie commits himself to the group as resident deejay. Together with Ish he tours the U.S.A. and China twice.  Besides performing Irie involves in producing musical and visual content for Ish’ theatre shows.
Multi talented thinking beyond boundaries, Irie successfully adopts video scratching in his mix. Cinematic deejaying not only enhances his abilities, it proved to be a strong visual ‘tool’ to capture a crowd during shows. It enables him to spread a message in sound as well as image and create a fulfilling, 360-degree experience for the viewers. This is what performing should be about according to Irie: entertainment beyond ego.

Sure as hell Irie is not your average deejay running an average show. Instead he pragmatically reinvents the wheels each and every time, ‘cause there isn’t such a thing as ‘a standard.’ Constantly in motion, Irie develops along with his crowd in order to create momentum...trembling a theatre near you.

DJ Irie résumé

1998 - Tour Nederland/Belgie (DJ for 8 Millimeter)
1999 - Noorderslag (DJ for De Onderhonden)
2000 - Winner "Skills That Pay The Bills" contest
2001 - Winner Grote Prijs voorronde (DJ for MC Trase)
2002 - Winner DMC Holland (Solo Category)
2003 - Winner DMC Holland (Supremacy Battle)
2003 - Accepted into Academie of Popculture
2004 - Winner DMC Holland (Supremacy Battle)
2005 - Release "Pindakaas Mixtape"
2005 - Winner DMC Holland (Solo Battle)
2005 - 2de plaats DMC World Finals
2006 - USA tour (DJ for Ish)
2006 - Release "The Sellout Mixtape"
2007 - USA tour; (DJ for Ish)
2007 - Broadway, New York (DJ for Ish)
2007 - China tour (DJ for Ish)
2007 - Chicago residency (Ish)
2007 - Florida Residency (Ish)
2007 - Mind The Gap (show Ish)
2007 - Footprints (show Ish)
2008 - Winner DMC Benelux
2008 - Release "Hectic Eclectic Mixtape
2008 - "Fluxus"  (Solo Video Show)
2008 - "Strik je Veters" (monthly party with DJ Friss)
2009 - Appearance in the book "Hip Hop In Je Smoel"
2009 - L.O.U.D. (show Ish)
2009 - Stormish (music production for Ish)
2009 - "Miracle Motion Picture" (Solo Video Show)
2009 - Performance IDA World Finals (Krakow, Poland)
2009 - "Knucklehead DJ's released on "Return Of The DJs" (Boombap,San Francisco)
2009 - China Tour (DJ Electric Barbarian)
2009 - Videoshow in London (with DJ Cheeba)
2009 - Boyish/Girlish (music production Ish)
2010 - Herculish Tour (Director, music and video editor, performer, dj)
2011 - Gravitish (music production Ish)
2011 - Performance at Lowlands (with Herculish)
2011 - Release "Hectic Eclectic 2.0" mixtape
2011 - Performance The Bowery Club, New York
2011 - Masterclass Dubspot, New York
2011 - Monteverdish Tour (DJ and composer Ish)
2011 - "Miracle Motion Picture 2.0" (Cinematic DJ Show)
2011 - Performance IDA World Finals (Krakow, Poland)
2012 - Release "The Other Side Of Valentine" mixtape
2012 - Champion Video DJ Contest "Mixmove" (Paris)

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