Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Recognize The Real

Brandan: Before i even start i wanna give fashouts to my man K-Roll for helping me on this! Now, I think this very post is a monumental one in my blogging career cause alot went into this. And it all started from a idea i thought of that nobody did yet. What i did was i took some Yo! MTV Raps episodes i had on VHS & DVD and recorded them in audio format. Also i adjusted the volume levels so they can sound pretty good in your rides. You can consider these old-school/ new-school podkasts! New meets the old! If u are 30 and over, u grew up on this show just like i did. Now again i did not watch this show from the beginning which was '88, i was only 7. I started kinda catching wind of this show around '92-'93, during when i was young kid ripping and running outside i caught some episodes of this show. I started watchin this show on the regular around late '94- early '95. Im gonna say right now that this show cannot be recreated in this era of hip-hop! It simply cant! The golden era was golden for a reason, everything that came out was dope and it didnt hurt for this show to have legendary VJ's Fab 5 Freddy, Ed Lover & Dr. Dre! I mean everything fell in place for this show to be groundbreaking! And that same thing goes for BET's Rap City. As u read on the back u see that i broke it down into 2 parts, but for DL'ng reasons i broke it down to 3 parts. I guarantee u yall will love this!! U can now jam Yo! MTV Raps in ur car! The sound quality sounds great and the actual videos do feature a clear nice deep sound! This is a monumental post and i know that i paid this show a nice tribute!

Download The Best Of Yo! MTV Raps

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