Thursday, March 8, 2012

DJ Ace

Side A:
01. Intro
02. Two To The Head
03. For The Brothers
04. Edge Of Sanity
05. It's A Shame (Butcher Remix)
06. Take Em To War
07. Medley: Number 1 With The Bullet, Kool Is Back, Men At Work, Appache
08. Erase Racism
09. Da Heat
10. 4,5,6
11. Fuck You Man
12. Fuck You Man (Remix)
13. Blow Up The World

Side B:
01. Ill Street Blues
02. Hey Mr. Mister
03. You Must Be Out Of Your Fucking Mind
04. Executioner Style
05. Money In The Bank
06. Ghetto Knows
07. Streets Of NY
08. Check The Bitch
09. Medley: Talk Like Sex, Operation CB, Poison, Nuff Said, Dead Wish, Bad To The Bone
10. Thugs For Life
11. Thugs Anthem
12. Foul Cats

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