Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

First off i would like to wish my blogfam and my followers a very happy new year. I've been away for 2 weeks enjoying a great vacation and now i'm back in full force.
What's going to happen to the blog in the new year:
1. Will continue with the Poll Posts
2. Scratch week is coming back
3. Bring back life into the Mixtape Diggers blog
4. Posting more mixes this year
5. And last but not least i'll will be dropping a special 3 part series anniversary mixtape (holla at me Books i need you for this one). The first one will feature some of the greatest names in the industry, the second one will feature some of the greatest dj's from the Netherlands & the third one will feature some of my fellow bloggers. So keep on the look out for the mixtape of the year.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is it the same ole stuff for 2011? "My bling", "My gurl", "My stuff, my ride"....Something refreshing is necessary to lift the streets from the streets. The Remedy, Rhymes To Blow Your Mind-R.T.B.Y.M.

Go to iTunes and iStore(for ringtone).

Also check out this:

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