Wednesday, January 5, 2011

DJ King Flow

Here it is : my new album called "Herbie" is now available for free download. It contains 15 tracks of a new genre of music. I created my own style with different genres of music that all inspired me : Hip-Hop, R&B, Nu-Soul, Jazz, Jazz/funk, Funk and Disco. Let me know what you think !

01. Introduction
02. Everyday's Inspiration
03. Let's Dance
04. Records On The Wall
05. Deep In My Heart
06. Rollin It Good
07. Dedicated To The One I Love
08. No Doubt
09. She Knows What She Needs
10. Looking For Love
11. High In The Sky
12. Don't Say No Tonight
13. Say You Love Me
14. The Master Key
15. Funky Kiss

Download DJ King Flow

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