Monday, February 8, 2010


Didn't had the time to do this tribute yesterday. But couldn't let it pass that 10 years ago we lost one of the greatest MC's out there. R.I.P.

01. The Rain And The Sun
02. The Nicest
03. Brave In The Heart feat. Fat Joe, Triple Seis & Prospect
04. Whatcha Gon Do
05. My World
06. You Ain’t A Killa
07. Rhyme 4 Rhyme feat. Cormega
08. Best Behavior feat. Fat Joe
09. Nigga Shit
10. Tres Leches (Remix) feat. Prodigy & Inspectah Deck
11. Drop It Heavy feat. KRS-One & A.G.
12. Symphony 2000 feat. Kool G Rap, KRS-One & Truck Turner
13. Wishful Thinking feat. Kool G Rap, Fat Joe & B Real
14. Firewater feat. Raekwon, Fat Joe & Armageddon
15. How We Roll (Original Version)
16. Mama (Original Version)
17. Clap Your Hands feat. Noreaga & Royal Flush
18. Loco Bananas
19. Cheat On You feat. Cuban Link
20. Must Be The Music feat. Cuban Link
21. 100%
22. The Mission feat. Digital Underground
23. Off The Books feat. Beatnuts & Cuban Link
24. Toe 2 Toe feat. Cuban Link
25. Twinz feat. Fat Joe
26. Let Em Know feat. Fat Joe
27. Crack & Pun ‘96 feat. Fat Joe

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