Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected

“Executioners From Shaolin" is part 4 in our Motion Picture Mixtape series, (the 1st 3 being Director’s Cut, Raw & Uncut: The Willie Bryant Story and 50 Cent-The Undertaker) and it’s bound to be another classic for the collection. Dissecting the styles and personas of the infamous Wu-Tang Clan, their story is told as only we can. Featuring rare demos, classics, remixes, and the famous kung-fu dialog and music we’ve all come to know and love, rest assure no stone is left unturned. You know when Diggers Union does a cd, it’s done right! This mixtape is presented by Hevehitta and directed by DJ Unexpected. Enjoy and Be Educated! Rest In Peace, ODB!"
- The Diggers Union

01. Invincible Shaolin (Introduction)
02. Wu Tang Clan - Bring The Ruckus (Demo Mix)
03. Wu Tang Clan - I Get Down For My Crown (Demo Mix)
04. Me And My Sword Fight As One (Interlude)
05. Wu Tang Clan - Supreme Swordsmen (DJ Unexpected Remix)
06. Wu Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck
07. Tiger Style (Interlude)
08. Wu Tang Clan - Wu Tang Ain't Nothing To Fuck With

Method Man as "The Lizard"
09. Method Man - The Master (DJ Unexpected Remix)
10. Method Man - Bring The Pain
11. Method Man - Release Yo Delf
12. Method Man - Shaolin Prince (Freestyle)

GZA as "The Centipede"
13. GZA Feat. Inspectah Deck - Sword Stained With Royal Blood (DJ Unexpected Remix)
14. GZA Feat. Method Man - Shadowboxing
15. GZA Feat. Inspectah Deck - Cold World
16. 5th Yang (Interlude)

Inspectah Deck as "The Scorpion"
17. Inspectah Deck Feat. Buju Banton & M.O.P - 4 Assassins (DJ Unexpected Remix)
18. Inspectah Deck - Fearless Young Boxers (Freestyle)
19. Inspectah Deck - Grand Prix (Verse)
20. Inspectah Deck - The Abduction (Verse)
21. Inspectah Deck - Triumph (Verse)

Ghostface Killah as "The Snake"
22. Ghostface Killah - Ghost Galore (DJ Unexpected Remix)
23. Ghostface Killah Feat. Trife Da God - 2 Champions Of Shaolin (Hevehitta Remix)
24. Ghostface Killah Feat. Raekwon - Kilos
25. Ghostface Killah Feat. Raekwon - Daytona 500
26. Shaolin Intruders (Interlude)

Raekwon as "The Toad"
27. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah Vs. Jadakiss & Styles P. - Shaolin Vs. Lama (DJ Unexpected Remix)
28. Raekwon - Incarcerated Scarfaces
29. Raekwon - The Instant Kung Fu Man (Freestyle)
30. Raekwon - Verbal Intercourse (Verse)
31. Raekwon Speaks On J Dilla (Interlude)
32. Raekwon Feat. Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck & Method Man - House Of Flying Daggers

Ol Dirty Bastard as "The Drunken Master"
33. Ol Dirty Bastard Speaks (Interlude)
34. Ol Dirty Bastard - Dance Of The Drunk Mantis (DJ Unexpected Remix)
35. Ol Dirty Bastard - Shimmy Shimmy Ya
36. Wu Tang Forever (Outro)

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