Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The end is near

The year is closing down and looking back there where a few highlights in 2008.
First there was my 1 year anniversary in february never thought to last this long. I started this blog for 3 reasons:
1. To give back to the bloggers. All this time i was just leeching from all the blogs after a while i wanted to do something back.
2. Letting people know real hip hop in my opinion. I was seeing a lot of blogs posting so called "real" hip hop like lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Akon & even Beyonce. And then there are those so called mixtapes but when you listen to it there is no mixing it's just someone scream between to songs.
3. To get in touch with people who think like me and know about the history of hip-hop so we can discuss and learn from each other.

The second highlight was getting a million hits this summer knowing that people liked what i was doing. The first year of posting wasn't all that only leechers came by and no one posted a comment.
But after a while the first real hip-hop head came by and started telling many stories about old school hip hop and that was my man Olskool4real. I love to read the stories in the comments about the early years of hip hop that i didn't know i learned a lot from him. Next i got to know Tapemasta over at he introduced me to all kind of dj's & mixtape's i never knew where out there. He got me excided about posting all kinds of real mixtape's.
In the summer some kid named Brandan from Recognize The Real came on the scene. At first i got frustrated at Brandan for spamming my chatbox with his blog :-) but after some discussions and seeing what he was doing we became partners in crime. Much respect for what you have reached in just a couple of months Keep doing your thing Brandan. I hope we can collaborate more in the future.
Thanx to Andyman 187 over at Rekordz On Wheelz for surprising me with some very nice mixes time after time. Vas over at The World Famous Schnooklyn Zoo for putting out the Sean Price & R.A. The Rugged Man compilations loving it. More recent thanx to DJ Manifest for hooking me up with some real hip hop, old school mixes. I also would like to give a big up to Chad over at WGHH Radio for giving me a change to broadcast my music.

Much respect to the following blogs i check everyday: Philaflava/T.R.O.Y., DJ Marioka/Real Hip Hop, Mass/Masscorporation, Swann/Invincible Bully, THIMK, The Essential Elements, Time 4 Sume Aksion, Hip Hop & Vinyl Giant, Hamza21/Domeshots And Fat Laces, Bzrwon/The Mix-Set Blog, Dot Got It and many more.

What's bringing 2009? No idea. I hope that in collaboration with my peeps we can do some new and amazing things. Further there is the return of Turntable Week starting january 5th. I'm also working on a mixtape project can't say much about it at the moment it's still in a early stage.
I would like to thank everybody for there support and there contribution for making this blog a success and i hope that in 2009 we can work together to bring more hip hop knowledge to the world.

For now i'm going to enjoy a nice vacation. Everybody have a nice christmas & i'll see you in the new year

ps. i know for sure i forgot some people to thank sorry about that i still got love for ya. I also would like to thank my Dutch followers "als jullie wat bekendheid nodig hebben of een review van je muziek van echte hip-hop heads laat het me maar weten".

Peace out


DJ Bite said...

Happy holidays and thanx for all the great tapes!

Anonymous said...

Yo man thanks for this blog....and don't ever think its not highly appreciated!

Shawn said...

Happy Holidays; this is a great blog and that can be attributed to all of your hard work. Keep it going in 2009!

Olskool4real said...

Man oh man!! All the thanks go to you S.O.U.L I watched this blog grow!! I had seen the same thing, leeches grabbing stuff but no comments!! I couldn't understand because you were posting stuff that if you were a true hip hop head you had to say something to!!

It's funny I have visited just about all the same sites many that you are linked up with and thanks to you I found them. Let me just say that I found this blog over a year ago by way of Travis at Wake your daughter up blog!! Hold it let me get these facts staight cause I want yall to know what I know!! And that's the real!!

About 4 years ago I was on this quest to find live old school hip hop joints I found sites and documentation here and there until I stumbled upon for you sucker free cats that really want to know take a tour of that site, any how I found all kinds of old school info and indulged in all kinds of discussions on old school hip hop with some of the legendary cats themselves and they welcomed my Philly hip hop discussions as well as hip hop overall!! One of the members turned us on to a blog called Bust the facts for some Xmas stuff we were looking for and it was then that my life changed drastically, I had died and gone to old school hip hop heaven,What up Jimmy and Dread!!

Well a couple days of that got me more curious so I started clicking links and got retired ( Biff's, Crooklyn Classics)and others like Dr. Ok over at And it don't stop, Eric over at when we remininsce, Dart Adams at Poisonous Paragraphs and Jaz at Co Rock da spot and the list goes on, I found Rap mullet by links as well and I was stunned from them old mixtapes, I knew the gateway was about to open!!

Recognize the real had to be the most excitement on one blog in 2008!! Not only did Brandan put in work but he brought out the best in everybody!! This was the year I found Andyman at Rekordz on wheels and Bzrwon at the Mix-set blog. Let's not forget my man DJ Marioka over at Real Hip hop he got them rare mixtapes to trade yall, and DJ Soul up a Mic Check man I gotta stop cause you know how I do!!

I am a Philly hip hop historian and a survivor of the foundation of hip hop been a lover of hip hop since 79 been involved in it since 80 I still love hip hop both talking about it and listening to it just on a more selective level these days since it has changed so much!! But thanks to these blogs, forums and sites My collections are tight, I have plenty of music to enjoy and I am learning things I didn't know and meeting some legendary and dope cats!! Don't want for no music much these days just the opportunity to talk about it!!

For you headz that are new to the blog scene or just didn't know where to go Happy Holidays!! If you don't know now you know!!!

Tapemasta, Tha Mixtape Librarian said...

Man, i wish i could see alot of you in person, so we could talk about those classic mixtapes. Now i got another luv for mixtapes again, which people will know thanks to people like Brandan, SOUL, Ol Skool, Bzrwon & others that brought that out of me again. But serious, i enjoy listening to those ol joints again..I don't even have to listen to any of the new stuff..A couple of months ago, i did this roundtable thing with Lazy K, Smooth Denali & Showtime for The Foundation Magazine - where we talked about the past & what made things changed..I can see it now with the blogs..I've personally seen people take my downloads & put them on ebay which blew my mind. No respect for the game or the dj's involved - ive been associated with alot of mixtape djs for alot of years & SOUL, you came correct with yours & there's nothing but luv on my side for you. Keep doing your thing & believe me, it's appreciated..Everybody have a great holiday & let's make 09 a fun year for mixtapes worldwide..

Tapemasta, Tha Mixtape Librarian said...

Damnnnn, i forgot about DJ Manifest & Andyman..don't stop what you do also..Ol Skool, the gate is about to open & we about to have some fun in 09..

Andyman187 said...

Mad love to everyone dropping mixtapes and keeping the real raw element of DJ'in alive!

GENiUS said...

1st... Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, 2nd... thanks for sharing your love of hip hop with the rest of us. Its nice to find people who enjoy real music and respect where hip hop started and originated from.



dj said...

this blog easily became my favorite this year real quick. recogthereal was a big surprise as well and hope these type of blog sites will be even more successfull in '09. much props to tapemasta, soul, brandan, rekords on wheelz, and all the few other blog sites i check weekly. and soul, if there is anyway you could send me a link of that double disc dirty harry, i believe it is sudden impact from '97...that would be much appreciated. believe me, very shortly i will be able to start tradin tapes and what not so i will be able to show love back.

much props on the blog!


djpos2?! said...

this might help...

if that's too much to ask, i understand. enjoy your vacation.


Anonymous said...

Yo keep the blog as crazy as it is now, I havent commented too many times before but you must understand all the people that come on this blog yet dont comment still greatly appreciate what your doing & what your puttin' out. Original Underground Hip Hop's where its at
peace & love from London

_p.s. after the new year we need some more EPMD mixes.._ lol !

Merry Christmas & a Great New Year man..

marioka said...

Thanks for your greeting on me.

Your blog is one of the best ones I've ever seen of hip hop. Many links, and a lot of knowledge inside here.

I'm going to try to upload much more links in my blog, specially mixtapes, but I am a little lazy :) .

Keep your good job, S.O.U.L.!!

PS: Tapemasta, you could upload more mixtapes links in Rapmullet :) ? . I'm listening to Super Sam 3 of Ron G. these 2 last weeks, and it's simply awesome... the best DJ for me, his blends are marvelous.

Rawkus said...

Merry Christmas and thx for all the dope mixes!! All the best to you and your Fam

Ruse One said...

HAppy Christmas and thanks for the mixes :)

DJ SAV*ONE said...

Who gives a fuck? Just post some more music you fucking homo!

Anonymous said...

fuck you and all you motherfuckers posting music we put work into.

Ruse One said...

Happy New Year

Thanks for all the music

bzrwon said...

Cheers bro hope you had a great NYE, I sure did, got to see Jungle Brothers live, was a real treat for me, anyway keep up the awesome work for 09, always a pleasure conversing with you, much respect and peace.

bzrwon said...

Oh and all the haters that post anonymously, grow a set and get a life, or better yet make your own blog/site before you diss others hard work, just because your lives suck, don't take it out on others.

Destro is Dusted said...

Cheers and thanks for the best downloads in the blog world. It's sites like this that remind me I need to get on with my mixtape>mp3 conversions. Thanks again.

DJ SAV*ONE said...

there is a comment on this board, which was NOT left by me. I dunno who did it, but that shit is bootlegged and much respect to the cats who hold down this site. much respect! shouts to google search for finding that too! lol

Anonymous said...

Proper props

Peaceout from amsterdam

If ya got NYC mixtapes with skills & no yelling pleace post (^_^)

Also check out this:

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