Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Patski Love

01. Acapella Intro
02. Nas feat. AZ - Life's A Bitch
03. Sugar Hill feat. Miss Jones
04. Rather Unique
05. Gimmie Yours (Eric Sermon Remix) b/w Original
06. Hoe Happy Jackie
07. Mo Money, Mo Murder, Mo Homicide feat. Nas
08. Doe Or Die (RZA Remix) feat. Raekwon
09. A+ feat. AZ - A+Z
10. Foxy Brown feat. AZ - La Familia
11. Nas feat. AZ - Affirmative Action
12. D'Angelo feat. AZ - Lady (DJ Premier Remix)
13. Monifah feat. AZ - I Miss You (Remix)
14. Hey AZ feat. SWV
15. The Firm - Firm Biz b/w Firm Biz (Remix)
16. The Firm feat. Dr. Dre - Phone Tap
17. The Firm - Firm Fiasco
18. The Firm - Desperados
19. Trading Places
20. How Ya Livin' feat. Nas
21. New Life
22. Just Because
23. Let's Toast
24. Love Me
25. At Night
26. Problems
27. Paradise
28. The Flyest feat. Nas
29. Essence feat. Nas
30. I'm Back
31. The Come Up
32. The Format
33. Undeniable
34. Jay-Z feat. AZ - Death Of Autotune (Remix)
35. Exhibit AZ
36. Feel My Pain

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Lovely work kid.Nas&AZ love $ f it the gold mine sits in a Nas/AZ LP.Produced By f'it Pete XtraPros a.must.Only joint u overlooked is "Serious" my fav Nas/AZ duet ha since How You Livin but SeRIOUS Has the bros. On nxt level,they isually do well bein da Flyest but real nice enjoyable,on point skills. Think about a trib(looking forOktXtra P @only 42yrs old from ENY but in late 80s was too crazy to have ur homie given u praise.b but no1 really lnows how real these days.keys/NO NORE.AM.I.THAT.LAZY/till then feel the stag

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