Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shaun D

01. The Large Professor feat. Cormega & Tragedy Khadafi - Focused Up
02. Intro With Wicked & Raymundo
03. The Large Professor - I Justwannachill (Instrumental)
04. Tragedy feat. Havoc & The Large Professor - Da Funk Mode
05. Mad Skillz - Skillz In ’95
06. The Large Professor - That Bullshit
07. Akinyele - I Luh Hur
08. A Tribe Called Quest feat. The Large Professor - Keep It Rollin’
09. Gang Starr - Gotta Get Over (Remix)
10. Mobb Deep - Peer Pressure
11. Nasty Nas - Half Time
12. Slick Rick - It’s A Boy (Remix)
13. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo feat. The Large Professor, Freddie Foxx & Ant Live - Money In The Bank
14. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Streets Of New York
15. Eric B. & Rakim - In The Ghetto
16. Main Source - Time (Alternative Mix)
17. Akinyele feat. DJ Rob Swift - Checkmate
18. The Large Professor - The LP
19. Nas - It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Remix)
20. Common Sense feat. DJ Sinister - Resurrection (Extra P. Remix)
21. The Large Professor - The Mad Scientist
22. Neek The Exotic feat. The Large Professor - Exotic’s Raw
23. Neek The Exotic - Turn It Out (Instrumental)
24. Talk Break With Raymundo
25. Neek The Exotic feat. Joe Flav - Muthafuckin Man
26. Slick Rick - I Sparkle
27. The Large Professor feat. Nas - One Plus One
28. Nas feat. Biz Markie & AZ - Understanding
29. Mad Skillz feat. The Large Professor & Q-Tip - Extra Abstract Skillz
30. Organized Konfusion feat. The Large Professor - Stress (Remix)
31. Big Daddy Kane - Niggaz Never Learn
32. Big L - Unexpected Flava
33. Lord Finesse - Isn’t He Something (Extra P. Session Mix)
34. The Jaz - It’s Your Nature
35. Nasty Nas - Nas Will Prevail
36. Intelligent Hoodlum - Game Type
37. Main Source - Snake Eyes
38. Nikki D - Your Man Is My Man
39. MC Shan feat. Neek The Exotic, Diesel, Kool G Rap & Snow - Pee-Nile Reunion
40. Beastie Boys - Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix)
41. Leaders Of The New School - What’s Next? (Large Professor Remix)
42. Akinyele feat. DJ Rob Swift - Ak Ha Ha! Ak Hoo Hoo!
43. Main Source - Bootlegging
44. Main Source - Atom
45. Nasty Nas - I’m A Villain
46. Main Source feat. Nasty Nas, Akinyele & Joe Fatal - Live At The Barbeque
47. Main Source - Live At The Barbeque (Instrumental)
48. Outro With The Friendly Traveler, Wicked & Raymundo
49 The Large Professor On The Stretch Armstrong Show With Stretch & Bobbito On 89.9 WKCR New York 11/11/1993 (tape)

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Thanx to The Diggers Union for the heads up


ETHEX said...

Shaum D did the best job (&That includes Listening Party's ,Tributes at bday gigs.etc.
I can tell cept few tracks he used ALL VINYL ! GameType by Trag off INT HOODLUM LP.Which was his 1st Prod. Credit eg as you see "IN THE GHETTO"
Yes not only did he Prod(&/or finish a few Paul C started eg RUN FOR COVER.
Theres only 1 doood w drums,&snare taps like that,&thats XP.
Great job Shaun D now when Ppl tell U "Do ur homework""Be&Stay Educated.This is what heds are speaking on.
Looking fwd to a 99-Present &A Buckwild joint Shaun D rocked !


re-up re-up please

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