Monday, July 2, 2012


Check out another great interview by For All Masters. This time Nick interviews DJ SNS about his classic mixtapes enjoy & be educated. Big shoutout to Nick for the shoutout on the interview.

For All Masters: People cop mixtapes for different reasons. In the beginning, when there were no tracklists, the DJs reputation was based upon his ability to select, blend and scratch records. Personality can go a long way too, even as the game transitioned into the exclusive era. DJ SNS has excelled throughout all of these stages of the game by mastering each skill. Between offering such words of wisdom to aspiring DJs and MCs, SNS shares the stories behind a few of his classic tapes: including the making of the notorious Bad Boy Vol.4 mixtape! Hear the incredible lengths to which SNS went to obtain some of raps rarest exclusives, and learn why he should be considered an icon, not a legend!

Listen to DJ SNS

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