Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Doo Wop

Mixtape veteran, DJ Doo Wop, in conjunction with The Source Magazine is pleased to announce the launch of “UNDERGROUND: THE NEW 90’S” mixtape series. With this new project Doo Wop intends to use the same mixtape format from his classic “95 LIVE PT 1& 2” series, but will showcase some of the hottest artists on today’s “underground” scene
 “I worked with almost every rapper in the game, building solid relationships with them and could have easily put together a mixtape with all mainstream artists” says Doo Wop. “Instead, the veteran says he would rather give Hip-Hop fans something fresh & new.  
Most importantly, DJ Doo Woop goal is to show music lovers that there's more to Hip-Hop than the same 10 songs they constantly hear on commercial radio hour after hour.  Doo Wop wants to take it back to when DJ broke the artist. "A&R's do not exist anymore so new fresh talent has to get noticed by either affiliation with an already established artist or he/she has to somehow move a million mixtapes on their own in order to attract the attention of the check writers at major labels. I could provide that platform simply because of my resume in the mixtape game." Doo WOp is able to reach millions via the internet with the credibility that he's established over the years by making classics such as 95 Live, The Diaz Brothers, The Bounce Squad series etc. 
When asked about collaborating with The Source, Doo Wop explained "It made sense to collaborate with The Source Magazine on this project. The Source has always been instrumental in giving up & coming artists a chance to be seen and heard. They are still the “bible” of  Hip-Hop and  I am glad to have the opportunity to work with them."

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