Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected

Diggers Union centerpieces Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected continue to entertain and educate with their sequel to the historic mixtape “The Polo Grounds”. Picking up right where part 1 left off, Lo-Life General Thirstin Howl The 3rd continues the narration on his career and the whole Lo-Life movement. Delving into such topics as the Reggaeton influence and the change in technology, the unique first-person perspective is maintained throughout the cd, accompanied by the classics and brand new material from his soon to be released new album, “Natural Born Skiller”. 23 tracks complete this one of a kind mixtape giving you insight into the infamous Lo-Life movement like never before. Enjoy and be educated.

01. Ridiculous feat. Fi-Lo
02. Creating The Polo Planet (Interlude)
03. Evolve Or Expire (Interlude)
04. Backshots
05. Chilly Chill feat. Unique London
06. OG Stripes Chapter 2 feat. Dana Dane
07. Bi-Lingual Business (Interlude)
08. Charlie Barnett - Puerto Rican Invasion
09. Con Calma
10. Genetic Engineering feat. German Regime
11. Catch A Body feat. Hurricane G
12. Acknowledge The Takeover (Interlude)
13. The Cards Life Dealt Me
14. Double Dosage feat. J-Love & Meyhem Lauren
15. What It Iz Brother Lo feat. Professor X
16. The Polo Crown Cannot Be Shared (Interlude)
17. The Crown feat. Unique London
18. Bury Me With The Lo On feat. Shillz, Rack-Lo, Ski-Lo & Big Boo
19. Cookies And Cream feat. The Incomporable Shakespeare, Rack-Lo & Wi$e
20. Brooklyn Killers feat. Big Boo
21. 2 L’s Up feat. Rack-Lo
22. Together Forever (Remix) feat. Lo-Lifes
23. Long Live The Polo Grounds (Outro)

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