Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Diggers Union

The Mixtape Game’s premier storytellers The Diggers Union team up with Lo Life General and Independent Hip Hop Icon Thirstin Howl The 3rd to bring you “The Polo Grounds”, a true audio documentary detailing the Legendary MC and the infamous Lo Life movement. You get a personal look at his early days with the Lo Life movement and their reign in NYC and abroad, as well as his incredible rise to Independent stardom in the Hip Hop world. Uncompromising and Dedicated like no other, Thirstin has quite a story. From origins to present day, not one moment is spared in detailing the rise to worldwide infamy. Classic songs are intertwined with commentary directly from Thirstin himself, certifying the fact that the true story is documented. The mixtape will be released as a 2 Part series, with the first to be released shortly and the 2nd to follow soon after. Once up for download, it will be released in its entirety, ensuring fans get the complete story. Be sure to check out his YouTube series, “How Lo Can You Go?” showcasing his impeccable collection.

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