Monday, March 14, 2011


Here's a great exclusive thanx to my man SKP. Enjoy
01. Intro
02. Put Em In There Place
03. In Love With The Moula
04. Daydreamin
05. Speakin So Freely
06. Get Away
07. One Of Ours Pt. II
08. Eye For An Eye
09. Extortion
10. Right Back At You
11. Tempature's Rising
12. Rewind
13. When U Hear Me
14. Get Dealt With
15. Trials Of Love
16. Creep
17. Man Down
18. Hurt Niggas
19. What's Poison
20. Keep It Thoro
21. La La La
22. Peer Pressure
23. Back At You
24. What U Rep
25. Wanna Thugs
26. Solidified
27. God Pt. II
28. Can't Fuck Wit
29. Outta Control
30. Q.U. Hectic
31. Pray For Me
32. Hell On Earth
33. Favorite Rapper
34. Shook Ones Pt. II
35. Wobble Wobble
36. Survival Of The Fittest
37. Give Up The Goods
38. The Learning (Burn)
39. Quiet Storm
40. Got It Twisted

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1 comment:

Loud said...

Hey, great blog! Like the new look too.

But see, here's the thing. One thing I find difficult to abide is when people make blanket assumptions about the intelligence of those who listen to hip hop. As we all know, hip hop breeds a lot of ignorance but it also breeds great examples of intelligence - sophisticated wordplay, innovative production, and cutting-edge criticism, often found in the blogosphere. And it is here, unfortunately, I have to take issue with your site. Specifically your banner. And it's completely, blatantly incorrect use of apostrophes.

I mean c'mon! "The original mixtape's and dj's"???!????! Anyone reading this would think you were making some kind of ironic comment about the ignorance of ghetto grammer!

Please remedy this situation by altering your banner to correctly read "The original mixtapes and djs" as soon as possible. No apostrophes. Ever. Unless you mean something belonging to a mixtape or dj, but I don't think that's what you intended here.

Also check out this:

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