Thursday, December 16, 2010

DJ Jane Doe

01. Capone-N-Noreaga – Live On Live Long
02. Lil’ Kim – Drugs
03. Fat Joe, Big Pun & Raekwon – Firewater
04. Jeru The Damaja – Ain’t The Devil Happy
05. Big L & Fat Joe – The Enemy
06. Redman feat. Method man – Do What Ya Feel
07. Kool G Rap – Ill Street Blues
08. MOD – Make It Happen
09. Amo Lab (Rollarocka & DJ Precise) – New Days
10. LL Cool J feat. Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe & Foxy Brown – I Shot Ya
11. Showbiz & AG – Spit
12. Rakim – New York (Ya Out There)
13. Cella Dwellas – Main Aim
14. Postmen feat. E-Life – When In Doubt
15. Afu-Ra – Whirlwind Thru Cities
16. Mobb Deep – Nighttime Vultures
17. Nas – Take It In Blood
18. Shyrock feat. Mel – No Stress
18. A Tribe Called Quest – Stressed Out
19. Guru – Lifesaver
20. E-Rule – Listen Up
21. Lost Boyz – Renee
22. The Firm – Phone Tap
23. Big Punisher – Boomerang
24. 2Pac feat. Method Man, Redman, Daz & Kurupt – Got My Mind Made Up
25. Notorious B.I.G. – Who Shot Ya?
26. Royal Flush – Iced Down Medallions
27. The Pharcyde – Drop
28. Jay-Z feat. Mary J. Blige – Can’t Knock The Hustle
29. Crooklyn Dodgers – Crooklyn
30. Black Moon – Who Got Da Props
31. SpottieOttieDopaliscious Outro – “Damn Damn Damn JamesJane”

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

GUSTO>DJ Jane Doe.Nice tracklist.Haven't peep'd yet but anybody that has some of the Certified Gems i see in your set,butters,CADBURY,all praise do.Last Test hope rip'd{new at digi music,from a copping standpoint} so indulge me.Last Test for me is{&i love DJJS-1's mp3's would i prefer more if were tracked.?Yes.Do i love joints anyway,YES!!!!Just saying i hope DJ Jane Doe(&MegeStats and dap to the females from Wanda Dee to LadyB,to Coco Chanel,do your thing bgirls.&ya'don't stop)has the trk. to trk. can ko a track worthy of James in a quiet room eg lil'home studio w/my trusty e-mu sp12,my ensoniq ASR-10,etc and in an hr. or less i'd have something peperidge farm flav....all way that way,lol.To say great site,&Consistently Dope.Gusto!I was(i'm from eny)kicking some 'ish w/Kid Dyno&outta'respect(if from UK,should know KD)for this site,though i know you&Dyno support each other.So just fact he said “This site i'm on NOW” is on the luv-luv.(was speaking of you all.)Yeah just wanted to give credit where due and say when joints are tracked it's a Heavy Bronx Experience.I miss Big Daddy,Grand Slam,FatLace.What's da' math&status.....on said mags.....last grandslam i had was Brother ? cover&disc inside had 1st trk.“Dope On Plastic”-Rob Swiftt f.Large Pro......'late'02,hulluva memory.A dj must have a nuturally great memory.Thanks Again.incredible sight,I will put The Entire Flatlands,section of Bklyn onto.Grandmaster Vic,my highschool soundtrk.......Like i said i'm new to the i-net,im in a place for my health that had 2graf legends MARE&KEL(you've prolly heard of,&scene)say “aeyo,bro embrace it.We bet you in a wk. you'll find ish that we never thought of,let alone manifested”&you know what they were right.Exept rar. files,i'm grateful that you don't use.It seems even some artists' i'm pnc's with.Can't access a file,in rar. so thank's again!!!!
Can you kindly explain,to this super-novice(yet in week)i've done some incredible things.So why if zip files,work lovely.DO some choose these rar. things i see.what's difference.It's so typical,of hiphop's most problematic enemy,ironicaly.ITSELF.The coninuing trend across board of trying to do more.LESS is more(&i can't stand cliche's)So cheers,&your peers.Could stand to adhere to your style of Runnin'Things,word to Busy Bee!!!!

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