Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Big L

On the 10-year anniversary of Big L's first posthumous release going gold, his family releases brand new album with 21-unreleased songs.

New York, NY – SMC Recordings, along with Distrolord Inc, is set for a huge release from New York rapper Big L, close to 12 years after his death. Since his passing, albums have been released under the guise of the Big L imprint, but none except his sophomore release was official. Ten years later, Big L fans will be able to enjoy all unreleased material with his newest album Return of the Devil’s Son and know that this is an official project backed by his family.

“This album is supported 100% by the Big L family.” Said Big L’s older brother Donald Phinazee “I’ve been talking about this album for the last six years and it means everything to me. This is an original Big L album and I’m excited to put my brother out.”

Lamont Coleman aka Big L, a witty and lyrical Harlem rapper, was buzzing in the underground hip-hop scene in the early 90’s; running with the likes of Cam’Ron and Mase, who shot to stardom during this time. His Columbia Records debut in 1995 was mildly successful commercially but vastly influential artistically. Then in 1999 when he was just 24, Big L was tragically killed and the case still remains unsolved. Around this time, an independently released single was getting spins on local radio and in 2000 his posthumous second album (“The Big Picture”) was received by acclaim and phenomenal sales.

Return of the Devil’s Son has 21 unreleased songs, including “Right To The Top" featuring Royal Flush and Kool G Rap.

“This album will show where he should have been and where he was about to go. It’s going on 12-years since he’s been gone. He would have been that one; this project will show where he should have been at,” said Donald Phinazee.

Return of the Devil’s Son on Distrolord/SMC Recordings will be available online and in stores November 23, 2010.

Tracklisting and credits for Big L’s Return Of The Devils Son:

01. Return Of The Devils Son (produced by Showbiz)

02. Devil’s Son (produced by Showbiz)

03. Zone Of Danger (produced by J-Love)

04. Sandman 118

05. School Days

06. Principle Of The New School (produced by Showbiz)

07. Unexpected Flava (produced by Lord Finesse)

08. Tony’s Touch

09. Right To The Top feat. Royal Flush & Kool G Rap (produced by Domingo)

10. Once Again (produced by J-Love)

11. Harlem World Universal

12. I Won’t

13. Hard To Kill

14. Power Moves

15. If You Not Aware

16. I Should Have Used A Rubber

17. Doo Wop #5

18. Yes You Can

19. Audition

20. MC’s What’s Going On (produced by Showbiz)

21. Slaying The Mic


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T.T. said...

Good stuff, Big L was one of the dopest, much respect

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